Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some wallpapers

*update: added another one :3


  1. hi vaesark love ur new work u are A GIFTED MAN.
    pss looking forward to see what u do next

  2. Wow these are gorgeous, I am envious of your command over lighting. Well done!

  3. Awesome stuff, particularly liked the first one, hope to see that girl featured in one of your hardcore sets sometime. ^^

  4. loved the forest girl and the drow! will there be nude versions? i hope to see a set with the forest girl real soon!
    thanks for your generosity and talent!

  5. Ohh

    Have that Tarzan girl screw with the apes (plural). And then have a family with them (including birth and breast feeding scene). That would be great.

  6. Hey mate, the forest image is brilliant!

  7. I can only agree to some of my pre-posters, those girls are really stunning...I particularly like the drow! Face, Light, Clothing, everything's really wonderful! The jungle girl is very nice too...Any chance on seeing more of them in the near) future?

    Best wishes,

  8. While I would also like to see the set described by HMS, I know you have chosen to avoid beast porn for legal reasons. I see that you get around that somewhat with fantasy creatures, so I wanted to suggest a similar scene but with that big, winged rhino monster that you used in the image for Monster Lady. Whatever the monster, the idea of a big ugly knocking up one of your lovely ladies and leading to birth and breast-feeding, well that runs my motor, too.

    As always, I'll take what I'm given with gratitude and appreciation. Thanks for sharing!


  9. darknaruto31, to be honest I'm not sure what will I do next o_O

    Dizzydills, thanks, I'm always trying to improve the lighting in each composition :3

    watx, well, maybe, I still working on that scene, thinking of an appropriate creature, I'm a little bit tired of the orcs -_-

    Muddy, you are alive!
    lol thanks

    Tremere, I don't know, maybe, perhaps >_>

    Arby, not legal reasons, content policies, actually... there's no law against bestiality in Spain, lulz.
    About preg/birth... sure there will be more of that :3 (ate least preg endings).

  10. vaesark, yow made an awesome wallpaper with the asari girls can't wait to see what you'll do with the Quarian