Friday, December 16, 2011

So... what now?

I don't feel like working on the unfinished sets for the moment, but I don't really want to start another full set. Also, lately, the amount of requests and emails asking about commissions and stuff have increased, but I don't feel like doing commissions so... I think that I'll spend some time doing requests (for free).

A couple of things before requesting anything:
- Do not request anything that I can't post at the blog (beast&loli)
- only small projects, not full sets.
- Must be related to the usual themes of the blog
- I'll retain all rights to the renders, but I'll give you credit for the concepts,ideas, etc.
- I won't do characters based on real people, but I have no problem doing specific features (like the eyes of an actress, or her nose, etc). To be honest I'm not even good at it XD
- Fictional characters from movies, comics or videogames are always ok

That said, feel free to request anything: customized characters for ERP, old characters (since Leela or newer) fucking some specific creature,...

If you request a character for ERP... a good description, including personality details, can increase my interest ...and the chances of a rendered version, obviously I won't be able to do every single request.

Btw, I accept requests, not demands, ask properly or you'll be ignored.


Here we go.

For watx

For Kantus

For Blackie

for geos omega

for wetzlar

for SS

for shawnob

for The Monster Lady

For Yako

for HiddenOne

for Hydrocity

for Ghost

Note: I would do some hardcore renders but... Star Trek humanoid aliens are uninteresting for me, including the Orion males.

for Cube


  1. As far as beast goes: didn't part of the Aria set count as that? Anyway I'd like to request a new set with Aria, if possible with a nice big creampie at the end, like in the last one. Thanks for considering it!

  2. I'd like to suggest a small set featuring the new Sarah, getting fucked and knocked up by some random creature (troll/dragon/demon), hopefully with some massive penetration happening at some point.

    Yeah I know, I'm a perv. :3

  3. Hm... No beast, eh?

    Well, do you happen to have any quadrupedal creatures/demons?

    If so, I would like to humbly request a simple two-picture set starring an elven woman, preferably with long auburn hair, set in a deep forest, or perhaps some kind of overgrown nature temple.

    The first pic, she would be underneath a four-legged creature, lovingly sucking on its cock. And for the second pic, if she could be grasping it with one hand, her face and preferably ample breasts covered in cum.

    Also, if you deign to accept my request, would it be possible for the elf in question to be a bit... thicker? Not chunky-fat, just with more curves than your usual fare. (Not that I don't like your usual girls; they're thin for my taste, but always very hot. ;D )

  4. Could you please do a set with Christie Monteiro from Tekken, she is so hot and almost nobody does anything with her. Thanks in advance!

  5. If you could make a set with Trish from Devil May Cry (I prefer the DMC4 version personally) you'd make me happy. And I agree with Kantus for a bit more "ticker" girl. If you feel like doing so, of course!

  6. I demand that you do a 45 pic set of a loli and a german shepard! :-P

    I'd say do something you haven't done before. Challenge and expand your art and all that. Something that is not elves, fantasy, and/or sci-fi. Maybe something historical like WWII, or something prehistoric with dinosaurs, or ancient China, or contemporary bar scene, or sports themed, or maybe even furries (lol).

  7. I would like to see an idea that was thrown around with the yvonette the paladin of light. One of the possibilities you posted was tentacle with all the way through penetration. It would be interesting to see this i think with a drow (i'll leave which one up to you)

  8. Hmm...if people are asking for knocked up....why not Gabe's sweet queen Opala?


  9. I was thinking if you could do Tifa from final fantasy? Always been a fan of her :D

  10. Well I'll throw my two cents in. Tala from Darkwatch would be awesome. She's so freaking hot and there is literally no more than a handful of art of her.

    My fav pic of her:

    And if I'm to be specific, it would be perfect to see her do it with a werewolf that has two dicks, and he dp creampies her while holding her up off the ground. If the werewolf isn't possible, then whatever humanoid creature of your choosing would suffice.

  11. Wow, you're taking requests? You're gonna have a LOT. I would greatly appreciate it if you can do mine (what are my chances?). Having said that, here we go.

    Okay, the girl from "The Ogre" set seems to be unnamed, but I would like to see her again. She's one of the hottest girls you created (Siari and Laura are others). As for her partner, I'm pretty much okay with anything, but how about something non-human/beast for a change? For example, a man eater plant with tentacles, or some sort of insect-like creature (larva? caterpillar? slug?).

    Of course, she would have to give birth to egg/seeds in those cases, and maybe she can breastfeed those things as an ending (like interspecies sex set). Speaking of breasts, I don't see too much of breast plays during the sex. Usually, the nipples should never be left alone - always being teased or fondled.

    As for the background, I would like it to be in the forest or meadow or swamp, where there's water and everything (not too bright, but not too dark either). But this time, instead of having some sort of stone structure, how about they do it all natural style, on top of short grass field (there should be few flowers here and there). Well, since we're on the whole "all natural" subject, why not have the girl be completely naked right from the start? That way, it sticks with the whole "natural" feeling.

    Maybe she was taking a shower, and she spots the creature, and she goes towards it and have sex/breed.

  12. dudehentai@gmail.comDecember 17, 2011 at 7:22 AM

    Love your work Vaesark,thought I admit I tend to be more of a fan of your sets with creatures with more human sized cocks, I imagine you've probebly heard of a game called league of legends, its pretty popular but if you haven't you should give it a look!

    anyways I'd like to request a set based on one of the female characters, there are plenty of hot ones but my personal preference would be for:
    Sona (blue pigtails with yellow highlights, large breasts and bright eyes.)
    Ahri (a kimono wearing fox girl with black hair and fox ears, and bright yellow catlike eyes)
    Janna (blond elvish looking woman, her hair always seems to be gusting up as if in a high wind, she has solid white glowing eyes.)

    as for the content itself there is a werewolf character in the game that might be easy to mimic with your werewolf model, or a few others, id love to see a POV blowjob and of course a messy finish.

    hope you consider mine, thanks for all the work you put into this blog!

    on a side note I'd love to write little stories on the side of pictures, if anyone would like something like this send me an email!

  13. I loved the old Aria sets and would love to see her again, belly bulging with the shape of cock and a load of cum.

    Rather than a giant creature, perhaps a lizard-like thing, perhaps a draconic humanoid holding her in chains while he uses her.

  14. Siari would also look great, been too long since we saw her bulging full of cum.

  15. Lucy Heratfilia(fairy tail) with Taurus
    Hermione with Hippogriff
    Leah(D3) with bunch of demons
    Violet Incredible with anyone

  16. About a year ago you did a render of a night elf from WoW that was simply amazing. I wouldn't mind seeing her again but this time in action with some reverse cowgirl riding her partner. (Although I prefer no stomach bulges I would be happy with whatever you do with her)

    Thanks for the work you do. It's absoultely fantastic.

  17. You may already have these, and I just haven't found them... but I would love to have just a nice shot of each of the two beauties you have on either side of your web page!!! They are beautiful!


  18. Aria, or old, forgotten Valsharess would be great.

  19. I think we need to use the Elder Scroll to see how your Dragonborn Champion was conceived in the past so we can learn how to wield Paarthurnax final shout. 'Fus Ro Ahhhh!'

  20. do a really fat but badass santa clause takin ms. clause and a little helper at the same time!!!

  21. well if u not gonna do red 13 and tifa from final fantasy 7, then do a huge badassed santa fucking mrs. clause and a helper at the same time!!! heh heh

  22. I'd absolutely love a couple of pics of the little Asari ladies and a different alien creature, if only to sate me a little for the 80+ more days until Mass Effect 3 comes out. Blue chicks rock.

    That said, I also like the fat Santa with a little Christmas elf idea.

    Thanks for everything, Vaesark.

  23. hi vaesark darknaruto31 here u have two girls on u main home page the red one with a sword and a black one with a sexy out fit i would like a Christmas set with them fucking a red nose werewolf with antlers please a small set of 8 pic maybe 9 at most
    it start with the girls traping this rare werewolf then take off the clothes then each sucking then riding him at the end both are knock up then the last pic show the big were wolf with the red nose holding his kids also with red noses and the girl stand nude beside him thanks please do if u want to ur fan for life darknaruto31

  24. Cassandra is my favor it set by u i was hoping for a small set with fucking him one last time 6 pic max
    it starts with he walking up to him in a black dress the next pic show her taking it of then she suck then rides it then her knockup then the finale pic show her hold on the ground with his child playing with it
    is a wounder full end to this love story

  25. HEY VAESARK i was thinking of a small set with june off of avatar bending break. she take a bet to fuck one of your monsters it a small set of 8 pic 9 max it show her take off her black out fit showing her nice boobs then she blow then fuck fuck then pays up at then end cover with cum hand the monster of your liking
    a bag full of money and saying i gotta stop taking bets but she won't

  26. hey vaesark it wold like to see a set with all ur girls standing nude with aliens cock . all get impaled with a alien cock like the one u did for blackie a set of four them standing the cock coming up then fuck them them the last pic show it out of thier mouths spraying cum up and rain down on all of them. pss if u want to make smaller please do at least four girl it up two u as always thanks

  27. hey vaesark this is great u allways amaze me keep it up wow u are amazing

  28. hey vaesark i have a new girl she look like the one off of geos omega
    but she a a skull for pubic hair
    and a skull on fire on her back
    a small set of 10 please she wearing a skull armor out fit she fighting the red demon Cassandra and win he chained two the ground she take off her armor then rides him for 2 pic then she stand up cum driping from her pussy and walk off the twin come over each rides him a pic or two it ends with the demon still chained to the ground pass out.

  29. i left the demon pass out chained if u want two do something extra with ur girls some one off of all them riding or getting cum it up to u as alway thanks vaesark

  30. darknaruto31, it looks like all the latest posts are from you.

    please stop.

  31. Vaesark, as of now you are my favorite person on this planet!

    Absolutely loved the CG's, they turned out even better than I expected! Also loved the other sets, amazing stuff! Thank you so much for this!!

  32. dsrknaruto31 lol i only posted 5 ideals u never said thier was a limit
    and i was not expeting u to do them all dude lolz do them or not its up two u as always a fan of your work

  33. I would like to see Nelena bound and spread-eagled with several large eels (at least five) slithering into her pussy one after the other until she is bulging with them. It would be awesome if she could look like she's enjoying it at first but by the end she's freaking out. Thanks for letting us have this opportunity. It's very generous and much appreciated.

  34. Hey Vaesark,

    It’s been a while since I’ve commented on your blog. Been really busy, but I’ve checked in a few times. I must say that I really am impressed with the amount of work you’ve been producing. I first want to extend a thank you for revealing Violette’s body harness in full. I was very anxious to see what it looked like without anything covering it. I think it accents her markings very well; it comments her most distinguishing features in a way that draws one’s focus into her flesh…just what a vampire like herself would want to do. I can’t wait to see the continuation when your creativity once more burns bright.

    For Jill, I think you did a great job capturing the character’s likeness in her clothing and her face. I haven’t been much into the Resident Evil series, but I’ve seen Jill enough to know that she was a very good choice for your render. Her solo images were very well done. The effect of the lighting in image four was without a doubt one of the best showcases of your skill with shadowing. The way the red light colored her body while transitioning into the darkness of shadow was impressive. Most notably along her shoulders, the effect really helped set the atmosphere for the upcoming set. Jill’s poses in her last two images were incredibly sexy. They really showed off her body and exposed her beauty without being just blatant “spread ‘em” like some other artists. (None from your list of notable artist, mind you.)

    While Jill’s set in itself was short, you managed to make it quite fulfilling actually. The pacing of the “story” didn’t seem rushed, nor did it feel like there were scenes cut out. Once again, your mixture of angelic beauty and grotesqueness creates such a contrast that I’ve never seen captured in other 3D artists. Your style is unique and still one of the best out on the Internet. I really liked the poses that Jill showed off during her session. In my personal opinion, I would have liked to have seen at least one more angle for each of her poses near the end, but for what you delivered, I really enjoyed it. The part where Jill was pressed against the wall was quite interesting. You lingered on that section for a little while and I also found myself looking over it a few times. The shadow work was fantastic, especially on the tenth image. The way her eyes are hidden within the darkness created by her hair made the scene much more intense. Also, the shadow along her arm gave it a slight definition, revealing that she has a good amount of physical strength. I like the toned look. After all the training Jill has gone through, she’s definitely going to be showing some results.

    Finally, I’d like to offer up my own suggestion for a request. I’ve mentioned her before and if your interest is peaked, I think it would be great if you created a few renders for a character named Purgatori. She fits in with your blog’s theme as she is a vampire. One problem might be that she has rather large wings and I don’t think you’ve done a winged girl before. However, it might be an exciting project if you want to do something slightly unique. Additionally, her skin is red, which is also something you haven’t done. As for her partner, my suggestions would be a stallion or tentacles for some through-and-through. If you decide to do something different, that would be fine too. Here’s a website with images of her if you decide to take me up on the suggestion and want a reference:

    Thank you for considering my request. I’m still around, so just let me know what you think. I hope you’ll be able to continue your works after a break, so until then keep up the good work.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  35. Well as always you manage to drow theme particularly well. I really wanted to ask you to resume the theme The matron or Darkest Desire - Chapter 2

  36. Well as always you manage to drow theme particularly well. I really wanted to ask you to resume the theme The matron or Darkest Desire - Chapter 2

  37. Could you do a few more images with the girl from 'Jungle raider 2'? She was hot!

    Something with tongues would be great too, i don't care with which character just anything with tongues haha.

    It's cool to see that you care so much about your fanbase!

  38. can i please make a suggestion for Raven, from Teen Titans beeing mind broken by some tentacles.

    oh and great work with the Asari posts, their amazing

    from a fan

  39. Wow V I salute your bravery!
    I wont request or demand anything, I am happy as it is ;) I just want to congratulate you on real holiday spirit. Just keep the good work mate.

    Oh wait!!
    How about a New Year themed picture with naughty Santa and 2 unfortunate drowish girls?

    (here to stay)

  40. Maybe show us what your interpretation of a Quarian from Mass Effect would look like under their enviro suits. Could just be solo, or maybe with a krogan or varren (see the mass effect wiki if you don't know those creatures). Or some more star wars stuff, like Twi'leks or Togruta (see the star wars wiki).

  41. Guau Las de Kantus y las de Omega son mis favoritas, en la de kantus me gusto como ha mejorado tu habilidad para realizar los fluidos, y en la de omega me gusto la idea del hombre lobo con doble aparto reproductor jejeje pero sin lugar a dudas mi favorita es la imagen en la que el lobo se corre dentro de la vampiro... mmmm exelente ademas las imagenes creampie son las que mas me gustan.
    Ojala haya mas como estas en tus proximos trabajos

  42. I think it's awesome of you to go out of your way to do free requests for the community. You are truly amazing.

    I would personally love to see either Xiana or Eve from your earlier works show up, maybe with a troll/demon/ghoul/monster giving them massive penetration in a carrying position (like your K'rikka set) while they have the look of pure ecstasy or fear upon their face.

    Keep up the great work!

  43. Thanks for this opportunity, very much appreciated. The set you have done for goes omega turned out very nice. When i read two dicks i was a bit sceptical at first, but the 4 frames really grow on me.

    Now to my request:

    Basically i only ask for one frame, you can do a second one, if you like. Something along the lines of what you did for Kantus, with a romantic touch, on the tame side.

    Characters: Kendra from the Elven Warrior post (her set is gone for known reasons) and a good old werewolf (one dick suffices this time).

    Setting: A room with dimed, warm light, something like candlelight. The room contains a bed on which the scene takes place.

    Scene: Post orgasm. She lies sideways on the bed while he stands on the ground by the side of the bed near her head. She nibbles on the tip of his dick with cum pouring out of her mouth while looking directly towards the camera with a (very, like totally) seductive expression. Her free hand fondles one of her breast. The wolf's posture and facial expression tells us that he is quite spent by the deed he just did.
    A bit longer description but i have quite a distinct picture in my head and tried to convey it.

    The second frame you can do (or not) plays during intercourse, basic doggy style humping (vaginal penetration to stay with the romatic theme) with her looking blissfully somewhere into empty space forgetting anything around her.

    P.S.: I'm here, writing on a blog containing adult material requesting a scene in which a humanoid wolf humps a pretty girl and the captcha tells me to type in the word 'pusisest', i really have to smile.

  44. I don't know this girl's name (, but she would be perfect in a scene like this (

  45. Wow, totally great! Thanks for the variety, it is awesome of you to do requests! =)

  46. Hehehe... Ever have one of those moments where you realize you should have asked for more? I thought two pics would be about all I could expect, but everybody else has four or six! XD

    I don't mean to sound greedy, but would you be willing to take one more three-or-four pic request?

    Regardless, thanks a ton for taking my request at all. I've never had custom porn made for me before. It's a cool feeling. <.<

  47. I'd like to request an elf in a wedding dress taking a facial from two demons. If you don't want to do clothes, then just make it a Queen/Princess by adding a crown I guess.

    Also, I'd love to see your take on Lacus Clyne/Meer Campbell from Gundam SEED/Destiny - with Lacus playing with herself and leaning back as she takes a load while watching a slightly less busty Meer getting railed. Meer should be liking it, but not quite wanting to, if possible. Reference pictures a plenty can be found at:

    Loving all the mini sets so far, even if a lot of the included fetishes don't tickle my fancy.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Hey Vaesark,

    Wow! Thanks so much for the renders. I think Purgatori looks awesome. You really nailed the wings. They’re so large and really enhance her figure. I love it! I guess I kinda forgot about the content policies in my excitement at your offers. Do you think a dragon would suffice, like the one in Siari’s Tale? It would be a very interesting contrast if the dragon was black to match with her red skin. Another suggestion would be tentacles if you think they might be easier to render. I’ll leave the choice up to you. One last thing that I’d like to ask is if you could do a render with Purgatori naked, maybe just the last image or something. I’m really anxious to see what you’ll do. Once again, thank you so much for your response. She’s really incredible.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  50. I have to say, omega's girl turned out amazing. I'd love to see more of her, specially if she ends up pregnant as well. I know this is getting old, but I find it hot for some reason. :D

    Also, really liked the fact you used no background for those renders. I know you probably did it to save time, but it actually looks pretty good. It makes us focus on the 'important' stuff, and also creates a nice contrast with some of the girl's skin tones.

    And sorry for deleting my previous comment, had some stuff to add and I couldn't find a way to edit it.

  51. I was reading some of the suggestions here and I have to say that I agree with Wargrable's posts.

    The Aria and Siari sets were some of the most awesome sets you have ever made and I would add the sets of Kendra and that super hot female elf that took on two horses and a troll.

    About the creatures, I had been thinking that maybe a Qilin/Kirin could make an excellent substitute for the equines.

  52. Hi Vaesark, I'd love it if you would be willing to do a set with my favorite comic female, Caitlin Fairchild from Gen13 with a wolfman having her both bent forward and riding him. If not a wolfman then maybe a horseman/beast (two legged with a horse's head and hung like a...) :D

    I'd also really like to see more of your super sexy Purgatory having sex with any of the beasties that were accosting Yvonnette in "Evil will never prevail" Maybe both with and without her wings exposed so we can see her sleek figure fully :P

  53. Long time since I've last commented here. Requests?

    How about Varia from John Dalmas's Farside series? She's right up your alley. A coppery (Light red) haired elf with short, pointed ears and tilted, bright leaf-green eyes. Hers is the face in the background of the book cover:

    Body-wise she's slim, with a flat stomach and curvy hips and breasts. She's a breeder, so it makes perfect sense. Also, a light tan wouldn't be out of place on her. A modify of the old Sarah could work, if you still had that model.

    For partners, I'd say a drow, or another elf. That woud be up to you, and if you chose a creature I wouldn't object.

    She's submissive, as long as she sees her partner as a good person, so the setting could be based on her partner instead of her. If you wanted to base it on her, it'd be a regular bedroom, somewhere that feels like a home.

    Since she is submissive, and a breeder, pregnancy and affectionate gestures/facial poses would be perfect touches for this one.

    No matter what you do, I know you'll do it right.

    Your faithful fan,

  54. I love all of your females. I would have to say though, that I by far love your Point of View pictures the most. Anything in that perspective would be greatly appreciated!

  55. Posion from final fight (futa poison) doing it with Roxy (also from final fight) please :3

  56. WOW! That was quick! I really didn't expect to get my idea chosen. And you did such an AMAZING job too! I'm glad others like it too. Props to you man, this is just exquisite.



  59. Well, since "unicorn" is apparently too close to "horse" to be allowed, could we have some kind of one-horned monster creature penetrating a random female with its horn? (in a sexual and non-painful way)

    Another things I'd like to see that you haven't done yet is an angel girl with a monster.

    Thanks for possibly using my idea in the future...

  60. Perhaps you could do a small set of your warrior princess render (from here: or K'rikka being ravished by a plant. I know it sounds a little similar to Blackie's request, and I haven't seen you do works with plants yet, but it could be feasible...please take a stab at it (no pun intended).

  61. Big tited drow, like matron or smth. Skilled in magic, summoning demon,lich,zombie or whatever, in her dark sexy robes. Seducing him with her sexy, slutty look, appearance. Then having her face twisted because of pleasure and pain. Summoned creature comes at her face or inside her.

    Some warcraft related pics would be great. Like Sylvanas, Jana, Tyrande.
    have that in mind V :D

  62. I guess you didn't like the New Year idea... :S
    Maybe I should put some more details into it:
    1. Santa - make him alien OR you already have fat disfigured model, just add some red suit and beard
    2. One of the drow girls can be ponnygirl (with all gadgets attached on her, shackled and bound) and can be set like a good Santa's reindeer (she is supposed to be)
    3. Other drow girl should be surprised having been visited by Santa (because she was naughty last year) and should enjoy receiving 'the gift' Santa brought for her (all-the-way-through alien tentacle)

    Stay positive ;)

  63. Hey, if you're still doing the request thing, I would love to request a render of my OC Shayasanya :3
    She's a half elven fighter.
    Maybe getting her fucked by some tentactles or nice looking demon and filling her up to the brim?
    Here are some references
    If you don't do her, I won't be sad, but if you do her, I',, be hopping around with joy.
    Anyway, have a nice day!

  64. I would pretty please like to see tifa with an upright werelion-like red 13 from final fantasy 7, please.

  65. hummm can u try the sucubus as a futanari and fucking our little paladin?

  66. Hi Vaesark,
    I'd like to put in a request for a heavily pregnant drow, probably knocked up by a dragon (like your Siari set) if that's at all possible. Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

  67. I'd like to have my own request, please :) I hope it won't be too much of a hassle.

    Basically, l'd like a variation on the Inala ( you made, if possible.

    I am basing her off a drow character I know from D&D :3

    The pic I imagined features her (Inala altered a bit, since it's perfect "modelwise") with icey blue eyes and silvery hair covering one eye, kneeling in front of the viewer in white, hot lingerie ( Like this, except replacing the pierced nipple with cleavage :D), biting her finger on one hand, whilst the other motions the viewer closer with a crooked finger. Her expression, as I imagined, would be that of a lustful, hungry drow lady who just wants to delight in being treated harshly. That is basically it, hope that's a good enough description :)

    If possible, could you make an 1366x768 fit image?

    That's all, hope it gets considered. If not, thanks for bothering to read it, heh.

  68. Hey Vaesark (coulda sworn I posted this, but it didn't show up? Hopefully I'm not double-posting >_>)

    Just wanted to put in a request myself - I adore your drow girls, especially the matron and the grey-skinned half-drow you had. I'd love to see either one of them heavily pregnant... preferably by something large and monstrous such as the dragon or troll.

    Awesome work, and I'm glad I got to throw a request down for consideration. Thanks! -HiddenOne

  69. I just realized it might help you decide if you'd take another request if you knew what it was. <.<

    For a bit of random background, it picks up where my first request ended; the auburn-haired elf was sent to feed and water the beast-mount. Wondering why she hasn't come back yet and worried about her, the elf's younger sister goes to investigate...

    The younger sister would have the same body type as the older, though with slightly smaller breasts. Her hair is shorter, perhaps a slightly lighter shade.

    1st pic: The younger sister has stumbled upon the scene. She looks on, surprised. But the older sister doesn't seem to care. Still holding the creature's cock with one hand, she gestures to her sister with the other to come try it herself. The older sister is totally unashamed despite being caught holding a creature's cock and covered face-and-breasts in its cum.

    2nd pic: The younger sister, now naked if she was clothed before, kneels under the beast with her older sister. The younger is nervous, but curious. She's never tasted a monster's cum before, and decides to try some; by licking/sucking it off her older sister's nipples.

    3rd pic: The younger sister firmly grasps the beast's cock with both hands, shoving the tip in her mouth. She seems to be having a little trouble, but enjoys it quite a bit. The older sister slides behind the younger, one hand fingering the younger's cunt, the other hand firmly grasping one of the younger's breasts.

    Final pic: The sisters, still kneeling beneath the beast, are side-by-side, looking at each over lovingly. The younger sister's face and breasts are now also covered in the beast's cum.

    Thanks again for taking my earlier request. It's so hard to find pseudo-beast stuff like that without it involving fetishes that don't suit me, and I just don't have the disposable income to spend on a set request from anyone. But you, sir, have delivered, and for free, no less. You are my porn hero. :D

  70. WOW! I did not realize you were posting these sets here, and so many ALREADY! ^^

    I gotta say I love that you have the run-through tentacle in here! Here is my humble request, and be sure I'd be doing some sketches of my own to go with. (BETTER this time I swear! ^^; )

    Character: Drowess, extra busty, long-mid length hair, with dark skin (as opposed to a more middle grey), choker with leggings and maybe long gloves?
    - Naturally I'm a drow lover, you know this XD so there's gotta be 1 or 2 pics just showing her off

    IDEA 1: 2 large monsters (trolls or demons) with spikey cocks.
    - she sits down on the cock of one monster who is lying down or sitting (anal)
    - he leans back and grabs her legs, spreading her apart while the second monster steps up
    - 2nd monster penetrates her for full belly distension
    - pregger pic at your discretion

    IDEA 2: tentacle pod monster (like in the asari set) but giant, so the character can fit inside it, with as many tentacles as you prefer
    - tentacle pod grabs and lifts character
    - character on her knees inside pod being groped by tentacles
    - characters arms bound behind her as tentacles poke into her holes
    - character either on her knees or in the air over the pod, held up by tentacles, getting the run-through treatment

    I hope you find these ideas appealing and still have time to put them together ^^
    Thank ya, and keep up the good works!

  71. Could you please do some pics of a troll banging lara on her bed in a sexy bedroom/ darklit setting.

    Also would appreciate some jill or claire and rebecca threesome action with a ghoul or a humanoid zombie.

    thanks a million

  72. Ohh, Vae! Everything's looking so nice lately! I like your short and sweet sequences you have here with the various characters. Don't worry, I've been quiet but I still frequent your site almost daily, to check what you're up to.

    Maybe you need to do some more K'rikka with some Drow or Demon ladies? She's got that long tongue, and is an alchemist herself so maybe some transformation play can happen! Personally I remember your two petite elven girls with a set (cant remember the set number, but they had short hair) I can imagine her perverse dominant nature wrangling them with all manner of sex toys and play things.

    Haha, keep up the awesome work, Vae. Just hope my ideas spark some for you, in whatever you render.

  73. I was hoping you would be able to do a set with Aria. What I want is anal with a huge cum load. So much that she has to vomit out a stream of seamen. Maybe some stomach deformation right before she throws up. If this is too messed up or difficult I will understand.
    Either way I love your artwork and look forward to seeing more.

  74. Could you make some more sets of Siari?
    She was one of my favorites of all your characters. I would love to see more of her stomach bulging from a large penis being inserted into her and her face full of pleasure like you did before :)

  75. Can I request the redheaded Mercenary with the creature from Embrace Eternity?

  76. Hello Vaesark! I greatly enjoy your work and I thank you for the opportunity to make a request. If possible, could I please have the elf in the linked image with some tentacle or futanari action? I appreciate your consideration!

  77. Could I request something with K'rikka (I really loved her)getting fucked all the way trough (by the ass till it comes out from the mouth) by some tentacles in a forest? or maybe Pharun Aria idea but with K'rikka geting in the ass. Her getting gangbang by some orcs or ogres with some realle massive penetration and then being show pregnant in the end would be cool too (with some forest background ^_^). Thanks for considering, well anything more from K'rikka would be wonderfull!!

  78. I would like to request a Star-Trek themed ERP character, namely a Trill, short, petite, with short blonde hair in a pixie-style haircut, in the short-skirt original-series style with the high boots, but black with command-red highlights.

    The character is a young officer with many old memories from past hosts the symbiot has bonded with. She knows from past experience, therefore, that one should enjoy being young and sexy while it lasts.

    I'd be interested in a gang-bang sort of scenario with multiple aliens, but if that's too much, maybe an Orion male (green-skinned, bald, fetishy-clothes)

  79. evryone always wants beastie stuff, so whats more perfect than red 13 from final fantasy, but up on his hind legs like a werelion??? him together with busty tifa ?!? hells ya!!!

  80. Darm I would love to see the racer chick shawnob requested from the front while she rides the pigman

    That is my request

  81. Wow!!! Thank you so very very much! Caitlin looks just beautiful :D I hope you have a very happy holiday season Vaesark!

  82. Holy renders batman, someone has been busy. I am impressed you could shotgun so many high quality images for your fans in such a relatively short time.

    Always good to see your work, glad you could channel your lack of direction into something so productive. Gotta say my favorite so far is the Asari set.

  83. LOVE the hair on the set you did for 'shawnob'. Very cute girl, but her hair is simply incredible, especially for being done with CG. Beautiful!! (and such a naughty girl!!)

  84. Aela the Huntress from Skyrim.
    Best side boob in the game.
    it would be niceto see your render work on her character.

  85. Okay, despite the overwhelming amount of requsts here, I'll give it a shot, too! :)

    I really like the way your Fairchild turned out, so I'd wish for some pics of Marvel's Black Cat in her incredibly hot latex suit.

    One from the front, one from behind and one being taken doggy-style by Venom! That would be great in epic proprtions! :)

    Best wishes,

  86. Hi my name is Ultraviolet
    and i`m an True Fan from your Works. I Love all your Dragonsets ^.^

    Now i have an Idea. I love Fantasy RpG´s like Breath of Fire II. The Catgirl Katt is a Strong, Loyal and lovly Character, shes beautyfull and impulsive. in this Game she loves Ryu the Hero of the Story, later in the game. Ryu is a Guy thats born from the Dark Dragon Clan and can Transform in a Mighty Dragon. Now my Idea: only a few Pictures exist from the two, and i found only one in his Dragonform. Only one pic the Two Kissing Harmfull in Truelove, the second pic: he Try doggystyle, transforms to Dragon and give her all his Love, like the Huge Penetration of the only Pic i Found. >>
    Now i Hope my english is not to bad
    *smile* and my description is not to small.

    Lg Ultraviolet


    the point at end is wrong *smile*

    lg Ultraviolet

  88. Its embarrassing,id chosen Anonymus. i saw chosing Name to Late.. sry for spaming the text a second try.

    Hi my name is Ultraviolet
    and i`m an True Fan from your Works. I Love all your Dragonsets ^.^

    Now i have an Idea. I love Fantasy RpG´s like Breath of Fire II. The Catgirl Katt is a Strong, Loyal and lovly Character, shes beautyfull and impulsive. in this Game she loves Ryu the Hero of the Story, later in the game. Ryu is a Guy thats born from the Dark Dragon Clan and can Transform in a Mighty Dragon. Now my Idea: only a few Pictures exist from the two, and i found only one in his Dragonform. Only one pic the Two Kissing Harmfull in Truelove, the second pic: he Try doggystyle, transforms to Dragon and give her all his Love, like the Huge Penetration of the only Pic i Found. >>
    Now i Hope my english is not to bad
    *smile* and my description is not to small.

    Lg Ultraviolet

  89. Damn Vaesark! This is awesome. I've been following you for years and years and I'm just wowed by this. Here's a few ideas, any of which I'd LOVE to see:

    1) Since you like Mass Effect it seems, I was thinking Miranda or a random human from the Alliance getting it on with either a Hanar or Krogan >=)

    2) You rarely do images with black female models. I'd love to see anything with a sexy black woman as the subject ^_^

    3) Leliana or Morrigan from Dragon Age getting it on with the Darkspawn "Childer" creatures.

    4) An incredibly large giant (could be a cyclops or ogre), so fat it can't even stand (like several tons I'm imagining) getting blown and titfucked by a girl barely able to work around its massive body.

    5) I'd love to see Ellie from Dead Space 2 getting it on with any of the varieties of Necromorphs from that series.

    Ok those are my ideas. I hope you pick one of them! But either way thank you for the amazing work you always do.

  90. Any chance I can convince you to do a pic or two of the little catgirl you previewed earlier giving some oral to a dragon? Maybe with her getting her "reward" as the last one?
    My girlfriend and I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance

  91. Disirion, I'm OK with that happening to her, up to but not including massive, painful looking stomach bulge (a little is okay! Vae knows how to do that right..yes you can show it I love your dragon scenes!) Pregnancy is okay, but the penis coming out her mouth is a bit too far for me.

  92. Bloodrayne is a character that definately needs more porn, werewolf gangbang would be wonderful.

    Otherwise, anything with very petite females being fucked by very big men/creatures is a big turn on for me.

    And I second more of Sarah, she is always good.

    Thanks a lot for taking requests, your stuff is awesome :)

  93. Hey Malcanthet, well anything more from K'rikka would make me happy already lol. You surelly made a wonderfull design for her. And yes I was refering to something like Vae always does best (like on his dragon scenes) and was leaving to his judgement ^_^. Oh and sorry about some of my perv ideas but I would really like to see at least more anal or dp with her.

  94. Well Dision, have you seen MongoBongo's rendition of her? I think he did an absolutely amazing job. If you'd like to IM me about it feel free, if you like her that much. I always like fans of the character. :)

  95. Thanks, I love my angel!! (Is that Sarah with wings?)

    >_< The horned monster pic is awesome, too.

  96. Yes I saw it and it made me really anxious to see what he will be making for her in the future (it was a really good teaser), and the idea of a sexy goblin was really different and amazing (people always love just the elves), her green skin was exotic, her tatoos gave her a nice touch, and her petite size was just wonderfull!!!

  97. Well, his teaser actually was completed and he put it on his new pay-site in full. It's not a lot of money to check out all his stuff however. Naturally it was my commission and I have the full sets. ^_^

  98. I'll look into it then!!! And later I'll create an account on AIM so I can IM you (I don't have one yet).

  99. Well, I must say that Im really impressed by your willingness to do individual pics for your fans. It only shows how great and dedicated man you are and that you care for your fans ;-)
    I really enjoyed Kantus and geos omega (though double-cocked werewolf was a little bizzare, also love the vamp chick xD) suggestions.
    Since it doesn't cost me at all, Im gonna put my request here, but I'll understand if you're not consider them.
    Im not good at making up characters so I've picked some of the girls that you've created.

    Im not gonna post a whole wall of description to a pics I would like, instead I thought of "Surprise me" option where I name the characters, fetishes and you alone decide how to surprise me ;-)

    List of fetishes that I like:
    6.Partial clothed

    Your gals that I would like to see:
    1.The Dark elf assassin from your old set named "The dark elf lover"
    2.The OLD Sarah, before her "change"
    3.I also happen to have a weakness to drow girls xP

    As for partners, I would prefer to be it monster type, but not tentacled and alien typed.It's really shame that you don't render classic bestiality stuff anymore, because of it Im in limited situation :-/
    Anyway, I hope my unusual way of requesting is not a problem and you can combine my fetishes. I impatiently await any new pics you're update and thank you for your hard work ;-)

  100. I would very much like to see a blonde elf and a dark elf with black and red hair (both small breasted, as I like that a lot) doing some fisting and licking action first, followed by a demon who wants in on the action with some massive penetration, while the elves still can't keep their hands of each other. As the last pic (of a maybe 4 pic set?), it would be perfect if they licked each other's faces clean after the demon's facial.

    Thanks for considering this! :-)

  101. I would LOVE to see a female templar from HellGate London done by you. I remember you hinting at it a long time ago, and I was always looking forward to it but it never seemed to pop up.

    Love your work though :D

  102. hey vaesark u have two models on ur home page i would please like two see just 4 pic of them have sex in the air with a demon with wings please and thanks for the fan art
    u are doing

  103. Could you possibly make a rendition of Isaac Horn's Drull Stinger here's some links for reference.

    This one below is for facial reference.

    This next one is for reference of a stance I would want her in (ignore all but the one on the right, unless you want to make a set or a few pics with the Nylpid or the Cuar)

    I would like to have her get fucked and knocked up by something male (one of her species, a werewolf, a human, or that horned demonic fellow that was in a teaser for the elf paladin set) that is big and muscular, NOT fat and bloated. Her skin color is entirely up to you. She doesn't have to have long, boney, clawed fingers and toes, if that’s too weird, just have digitigrade legs on her and hand-like feet.

    If all this is too complicated or you just can’t get permission to Isaac horn, just make some shots of a few chesty girls having an orgy with something male that is how I described it in the above paragraph

  104. Oh man. This is like... the best early x-mas gift ever. Vaesark, you the man. Stay awesome!

  105. I'd like to request a pregnant drow girl with short hair fucking two trolls or pig-men, with lots of kissing. Also, I don't believe I've ever seen a set of yours with the girl giving a rimjob. Is that something you would be adverse to?

  106. Would it be too much to ask for a facial/cumshot of my previously requested pair?

  107. Lesbian for me plz

  108. Suggestion based on some ERP I've had lately;

    Young female werewolf playing with her human female pet. The werewolf features are things like gold wolf eyes, feral facial features, toned and athletic body (not overly muscular, just firm and predatory), and slight fangs.

    The pet is a willing and happy submissive, kept on a leash and collar; smaller and firm breasts, short brunette hair, bright blue eyes.

    The dynamic is fun and playful, though definitely that of slave and master.

  109. I'd love to have a character model for Tai Zan, Neasa, or Lilium. Tai Zan was part of an ERP that got aborted, Lilium was a prospective for another, and Neasa is in one that's on hold indefinitely since one of our three players lost internet. Hm... I think I'd like to have something of Tai Zan, the most, so...

    There, that's her character sheet, description is at the bottom. In a more direct manner, she's short, has large breasts that look bigger due to her height, a deep all-over tan, white hair in chinese double-buns, a very brief qipao (I'm thinking white with gold accents, but if that doesn't look good, feel free to pick another color) and a black silk blindfold.

    As for what she's like... well, she's got the 'wise old monk' thing going sometimes, but most of the time, she acts kind of dumb, which goes along with the way she talks in pidgin of... whatever language she's talking in. Talks like Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 sort of, Tai Zan refer to self in third person, that sort of thing. Which is an act to fool her enemies and a way to keep her real voice... a compulsively sexy one inherited from one of her mothers (one was human, the other a succubus) a secret.

    She's very cheery unless she's trying to sound wise, and, as a worshiper and occasionally direct servant of the Goddess of Lust, she'll fuck anything at least once. The blindfold is because she also inherited her mother's hypnotic gaze and someone cut out her eyes with a cursed blade. Oh, there are eyes in there now, but they don't work. After re-training, though, her other senses are so hypersensitive that she can count your nosehairs at ten feet.

    Hm, what else... oh, she's got some shapeshifting abilities, a little normal healing and a lot of self-healing, so she can take any cock anything cares to shove in her. And don't forget that nice tight ass.

    To re-iterate: Requesting one sexy monk ERP character model, clothed and non. If you feel like bringing something in to fuck her, she can take any monster you've got, and neither I nor she will be stopping you. Bonus points for cumflation or oviposition. Bukkake's nice too.

  110. I'd like to see that Draenei finally have sex with that Tauren. If you don't have a Tauren on hand, a dragon will do. Preferably oral and vaginal penetration, please.

  111. Hey Vaesark :)

    Can you do some pics with Kitty having some fun with a giant Troll? Would be awesome!

  112. Hey!
    Can i ask for this girl
    with one of those werewolfs
    that did Kirka?
    Shes giving him a blowjob and he comes on her face and chest while she still wearing her armor?
    Ill fufil your request with one of my girls on my blog if you do :)

  113. good job with the trill. man o man that pregnant drow has got to beyour best drow work yet! fantastic!
    still hoping for the red 13 thing!!!

  114. on the star trek aliens for the trill, there are the tholians and the gorn who are both fairly monstrous

  115. I would like to see more with that petite Dark Elf you have in plate armor back from a while ago when you were working on a fantasy world. I'd love to see her run afoul of a pack of Werewolves on the prowl, with some hefty tag-team action and a nice big finale of them blowing their load inside.
    Thank you for considering my post.

  116. Petite elf taking on the bugbear monster you have. One image before penetration to show how big the monster is. One or two position shots with deep penetration and a final image featuring massive inflation/pregnancy. Please!


  117. I'd LOVE to see that giant alien caterpillar from one of your earlier sets. Paired up with... Aw shucks, how about YOUR favorite girl! Pleeeeeaaaase? :) You rock!

  118. Thanks, she looks great! And, frankly, I'm not all that picky when it comes to my aliens. If you ever feel like revisiting her, whatever creepy alien creature fits your fancy would be interesting to see :)

  119. These are coming out really great, Vaesark. Hope you get your spirit back soon.

    If you've got the resources, it'd be nice to see an elven ranger just hanging around with her pet wolf/dog. Not looking for anything explicit.

    For a general look, I'd like to see mid-length brown hair, tanned skin, less of an hourglass figure, with breasts on the small side. Just have fun with the rest.

  120. hey vaesark may u please do some mortal kombat girls
    this has some good pic for u to look at they can do any of ur monsters
    feel free to do as many or few as u want as always thanks for ur time
    and great work and marry chrismast
    to u :)

  121. Hello Vaesark! I have a request…
    Claurette is a mid-twenties paladin, following in the Light’s path to help heal and restore the scarred world. While she takes her faith very seriously, she has a light-hearted personality and is generally a happy person.

    A reference to her appearance and outfit:

    In case you don't like to click links: Claurette is a slender asian girl with tanned skin, black hair put into two bouncy thick pigtails, bangs coming down the front of her face to each side much in the shape of an "n" her face being in the center of the n. She has a generally slender frame with small perky breasts.

    Claurette fucking a Raptor, no blood. Raptor would lick at her breasts before taking her in doggy or missionary, with Claurette riding cowgirl.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to do free requests!

  122. Hey, I'm very impressed with your work, as usual. And it seems that you take requests (pic or two), so I shall request then:

    1: As for the girl from "The Ogre," can you have her pose? Just standing straight, camera slightly side of where she is, legs closed, her hands in the back (similar to "at rest" position, but one hand on another hand's forearm), looking straight at the camera (meaning her head is slightly turned), smiling... and finally, the background of forest/meadow without the stone platform. If creating non-stone forest background is too troublesome, then I'll take the one with the stone platform.

    2. Same girl, except she's taking a shower in the forest waterfall. As for the specifics, I'll leave them to you.