Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lustful vampire

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    This looks great
    I am wondering if you can make one of Violette and the pig man like in the poll anyway because the idea of her getting fucked by a pig man and having its babies is intriging

  2. To be honest it wasn't really exciting for me, maybe part 2 will be better ;-)
    PS:She made watch the poor fella while she had sex with these two ;-(

  3. Hey Vaesark,

    Wow! Violette is one hell of a cruel vampire. I mean, first enticing the poor guy, then tying him up, teasing him, only to ignore him and pleasure herself with another partner…that’s what makes vampires like her so alluring. She’s completely in it for herself and she doesn’t give a damn! (Reminds me of another vampire named Purgatori…one of my personal favorites from the hundreds out there.)

    I love the set so far. You’ve really done a great job on the poses and facial expressions. It’s great to see Violette smile, one, because her fangs are so visible and two, because it shows just what a twisted personality she’s got. She’s being screwed in front of the guy who thought she was going to do him and yet she’s looking right at him and laughing at his distress. I think this is most notable in image thirteen. Her eyes and the slight curve of her lips really give a glimpse into the girl’s true nature. (That’s just my take. You might have had something different in mind.)

    The variety of positions that was presented gave the set a very exiting pace. Each of Violette’s poses when she was penetrated really gave a sense of how experienced she is. Also, it gave a great view of her tribal tattoos. The body markings were just incredible. I loved the detail that went into making those. It really accented her figure, drawing out the tone of her skin and bringing attention to her color. The muscle definition along her spine and back is just to die for. Her expression in image seventeen gave the sense that her partner gave her quite a deep penetration. It would have been a real treat to see if he knotted her, but that might have been implied. All in all, her session was absolutely perfect, a real glory show.

    The lead up to the cliff-hanger definitely has me anxious for the continuation and the fact that the werewolf is still standing in the back give some high hopes for a complete triple penetration…if or when the poor guy is ever released…

    This is shaping up to be another great render from you, Vaesark. I can’t wait to see it finished. I hope Violette is ready as well…

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  4. Awesome set indeed. Gotta say, your female characters just keep getting better and better. Absolutely love Violette!

    Which reminds me I'm still hoping she gets pregnant at the end. I'd love if this would become a new trend in your sets. I can't speak for everyone of course but from what I've seen in the comments, most people seem to enjoy it as well. Anyway I'm sure you have everything figured out already, just felt like giving some suggestions. :3

    And just out of curiosity, how many parts are you planning for this particular set?

    That's all for now. Keep up the good work!

  5. This set is great. Can we vote on how many parts you will make? I'm voting for six. ;-)

  6. Wow, this set turned out really great! SSJLevel04 already pointed it out, her pure, sexy evilness gives this a nice twist! And , of course, Violette is hot as hell, definitely one of my favourite girls around here, maybe even #1!!! :)

    Might I ask for something? Two solo shots of her, posing in her leather underwear-thingie? One from the front and one from behind? Pleeeaaaase!!! :)

    Best wishes and highest hopes,

  7. I gotta say i was a lil sceptical about this set...

    It turned out the be really great.

    As SS mentioned allready (always saying what i am thinking :D)
    i love her idea of torturing the poor guy while she has fun with the creature.

    Her facial expressions and poses fit this idea of the set perfectly and are finely tuned to get exactly this expression to begin with.

    She really looks like a girl who likes to toy with her prey, and thats how it should be in the first place.

    Her poses are pretty neat, tho (as SS said also) i would have liked to see more of the actual penetration, tho the angles of the poses don`t give that.

    Her tatoos suit her very well, as well as her haircolor (which i was most sceptical about). But she really gives a nice all in all roundup build of a great girl and vampire all alike.

    You improve so much the more you get into this and i give you praise for this.

    Awesome as always. I hope you keep your pace up, cause you are doing really great out there Vae :)


  8. I see the werewolf, the cute handsome guy, the ghoul, now I am kind of curious about the nasty pig-man, is it possible to add him to the part 2 of this set?

  9. Now I really want the guy to get free towards the end and join in with the monsters giving her what she deserves. <3

  10. ...? That's my comment on this set.

    If she was just gonna have him watch, why bring him in the first place? And why the hell would he stay still when he was being handcuffed. I know some people have fetishes in being "tied up" but I never understood that. And for some reason, being handcuffed to a pole doesn't seem to be one of those fetishes.

    I'm surprised that the werewolf is allowing his mate to be fucked by the pig-man. Usually, the werewolf would kill the pig (or the other way around).

  11. Goddamn she is such a awesome character! Great outfit, the coloring is fantastic, and the tattoos are just perfect. I'll say it again, easily your best character yet (and you've got some really nice ones).

    Poses were decent. Not your best, but still good. Just seemed a bit tame for a werewolf and vampire. Still, can't wait to see Part 2!

  12. She lured in a guy to emasculate him, she is a very evil vamp.

  13. Is there going to be a second part to this, it was good in all, but she didn't end up prego I know there are other people that wanted it besides me, however, if there are only 3 or 4 that want it and over 20 some people that don't I would understand if you aren't going to do that.

  14. Oh, the poor "handsome guy" is left tied up to watch all that... LOL.

    Did you really have to leave it hanging right when the ghoul got there??

    Can't wait for part 2!

  15. Wow Violette is absolutly Hot! I think " A Vampire Bite" would be little Interesting, so she can make more pain to the poor guy. thats my idea to part 2!

    ähm sry for my bad English. please understand that ^^

    in admiration of your works Vaesark

  16. Ninjamaster_255, yup, expect that on par 2 :3

    Sanders, don't worry the "poor fella" will have some loving at the end of part 2 (as well as the 3 monsters)

    SS, there will be a triple penetration, I promise. She will have every hole filled with monster dick ;)

    watx, 2 parts for now, and you can count on impregnation. Not saying that it will be the trend in all sets but, I don't mind adding pregnant endings now and then :3

    Tremere, ok, I will try to do those solo shots for the next update.

    Sera, well... the guy was mostly to expose the cruel nature of Violette. Looks like I hit the right spot :9

    Anon, yes, the pig man will be on part 2.

    Anon, as I said to Sanders, the handsome guy will have some love too :3

    HMS, she wants him to watch fucking all the others while not even touching him because she is cruel and has fun making humans suffer. Isn't she wonderful?
    "And why the hell would he stay still when he was being handcuffed"
    well, uhm, check some BDSM forums if you want info on that.
    "I'm surprised that the werewolf is allowing his mate to be fucked by the pig-man. Usually, the werewolf would kill the pig (or the other way around)."
    Oh I didn't know you where an expert on the pig-men/werewolves competition towards fucking vampires lol

    MongoBongo, you know, you're right, maybe I should have been more aggressive with the poses :s

    ninja wannabe, impregnation on part 2 ;)

    The Monster Lady, yes, sometimes I like to tease too :3

    last Anon, indeed, she will bite something...

  17. I love Violette - she's gorgeous and just mischievously cruel - splendid! Her little body is so shapely, with all the right curves and Venus' dimples. The leather straps look nicely solid, as they curve out ov view between her buttocks. Yum!

    Looking forward to seeing the next two instalments. What can I think of that is sort of sticking out unappreciated that she could nibble on with her neat little sharp white teeth...?

    Great work, as always.

  18. gwen : AMAZING ! I love cuckhold ! Too few creators make it and it's so exciting !

    And the idea to show a second partner for her at ending is very good :)

    Another hot idea is to let her leave the place without her boyfriend and with her sexual partner :p

  19. So Vae, enjoying Skyrim yet? Can we expect part 2 soon? Don't want to rush you though, take your time.

    Thanks. :3

  20. Poor Violette is so slender. I think she needs to find something to fill her up.

  21. I'm a bit ambivalent about this set. The design of Violette is superb, but the images in the set are a bit lack-lustre. It's just not as exciting as I would have thought considering the characters involved.

  22. Great work! Where did you get the pink genitals for your werewolf and the genitals for your other creatures?