Monday, July 11, 2011


I know that it looks like I haven't done anything lately... but it's quite the opposite :3 There's a 40 hardcore pics set with Erelae at and I've been working on the comic too, more girls & creatures, also some scenes, the following is a new sample of the town (in wallpaper resolution):


  1. I see a lot of leyawiin from oblivion influence in that second pic. Looks good, your work no matter the subject looks amazing.

  2. Any chance you will be posting those 40 hardcore images here?


  3. The Town is very nice. You need more Items in the Street.

  4. Saludos Vaesark! Creo que somos varios los que estamos ansiosos por comenzar a leer ese comic!!! Buenísimas las imágenes, que no hacen mas que caldear mas las espectativas!!
    Un abrazo!

  5. so it finally happend...
    your art isn't free anymore :(

    but i think its ok after all these
    a$$holes that stole your work getting a hard time now ;)


  6. Anon, thanks, surely it will look better once I put some life in it :3

    Aussie, that's not up to me, but I think that eventually Amarok ( admin) will give permission to post them here.

    Miguel, certainly, I still working on it.

    Cris, falta mucho para completar el primer número, pero actualizaré el blog con nuevo material con frecuencia pare ir mostrando los avances :3

    Anon, don't panic, it's not that bad, it's true that the art theft has motivated me to accept commercial works but, I still working on other stuff for the blog, free for everyone.

  7. could design a whole world-environment in a video game with those skills of yours. Amazing!

  8. I posted on Hitman's blog saying the same thing, yours and his work has inspired me to pick up some 3d modelling of my own, so please, keep the inspiration coming cuz Maya is one helluva beast program to learn!

  9. felicitaciones por tu trabajo, realmente me encanta! una consulta: la pagina abarca la tematica bdsm o es de contenido mas suave??
    Saludos y felicitaciones nuevamente!!

  10. joeannie, fun... for some, yes... not so fun for others ;P

    Anon, es una página de contenido suave, algo de hardcore, pero nada de bdsm.

  11. Well, the stage is set. Enter the players?

  12. Hola Vaesark, me alegro por ver este avance, la calidad es sorprendente. Gracias.