Saturday, April 2, 2011


Another artist joins the party: Visis

Click the banner to visit his blog, see the first Cg set and read the awesome story (wish my level of English was good enough to write like that T_T *jealous*)

Aunque también podría escribir en español para que apreciéis todos mi narrativa y mis retorcidas fantasías ;b

lol JK, but honestly, go to the blog and give Visis a proper welcome and some feedback, I'm sure the he'll appreciate it :3


  1. Good call. Added it to my list! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip. Somehow I never get tired of looking at 3D-gals making out with various beasts. Suppose that makes me a pervert...


  3. Thank you for your support and mentoring, Vaesark. I only hope I can remotely live up to the art you've produced on this site.

  4. *Finds himself lost in a day dream of those two dark elven beauties sitting on his lap. Letting his tongue memorize all the different contrasting curvatures of each.*

    So I have to ask Vaesark. Our two lovely drow here. Related or not? Young and mature or just different lovely body types.

    I just love contrast. Of whatever. Sighs and waits till next time Vaesark wants to tortures him with lovely teasers like this.

  5. Don't know if you will see this on an old post, but Visis' blog has disappeared.
    If you are in contact, ask if he is coming back.
    We will miss him if he does not return.

    Crosseyed John