Sunday, January 9, 2011

Obedient bitch

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  1. This is the kind of set that I think you do best!
    Taking a beautiful innocent little thing, putting her with a sleazy monster, and placing them in a filthy hole!
    it's the perfect corruption of her innocence!
    Thanks mate!

  2. This set it amazing ^^ Truly. Love it. Vaesark is #1 hands down. : ) Facial expressions are incredable, indescribable.

  3. Another success, Vaesark. Like Muddy said, I think that this is your best theme.

  4. Such beautiful corruption. She's a very good girl. ;)

  5. Nice Vaesark but to honest with you, I dont like things like that XD.I wonder if youre planning on doing some sets with one of your previous girls like The Warrior Princess or Xiana?
    I dont recall seeing any set with orcs, so how about set where orcs double penetrating or gangbanging one of your previous beauties.
    PS:I hope that youre gonna do another set with Sarah in the future...

  6. Absolutely fantastic! Your Annika character is something special - I look forward to future variations.

  7. she looks pretty, but for some reason I'm not very fan of flat chested and i still prefer your bestiality works like your previous work XD, anyway just my opinion :P and GZ for another great job

    ps: steel waiting patiently for K'rikka and her packs of lovely puppies... >.<

  8. Muddy, Anon yeah... although, in this particular set, the girl was already corrupted and bonded to her master to be the perfect sexual toy :3

    Mykaela, I do my best to make them realistic, so that they show the intensity of the act, but without going into the usual freaking out expressions that most 3D artist use.

    Horsemount, indeed, and as I said... she gets rewarded with a lot of love on her face :P

    Sanders, those girls died in my last PC crash... and I don't plan to rebuild then any time soon, I may do some exceptions, but only with very popular ones,like Eve and Sarah.

  9. great set, i like her face and new lighting =)

  10. Hey, nice surprise!

    I did not expect it to come out so soon, thanks for that.


  11. Love her size!! Small body with a small chest gets me going. Loved the dark attire on her white skin and the little red skulls too. Awesome stuff.

    But can you please not have filled toilets in your scenes. Their a boner killer. :(

    From Scope

  12. great as usual, any future plans for an angel? fucked by the devil?

  13. @Vaesark
    Thank you for reconsidering doing another Sarah set.
    I have a few ideas of pairings if that ok ;-)
    1.Gangbanged by orcs (we havent seen any orcs in your renders yet)
    And she's wearing sexy warrior armor.
    2.Double penetrated by minotaurs while standing(I wonder if youre played TES IV Oblivion... if so then these minotaurs)
    3.gangbanged by wolfpack in a wolf cave.She is dressed in wolf's fur and she is like a queen to them.
    4.Ice background, she is riding in the sleigh and the dogs drag her.Then theyre stop for a little fun on the snow XD
    I personally would like to see nr 3, but its for you to decide whether doing my sugs or your own ;-)

  14. WoW!! one of the hottest comix I've seen in a long time.

  15. deffinatly like to see more of her in a gangbang situation and a little bit long set with more angles.

  16. Hitman_X3Z thanks... but I promise that one day I'll be better than you at lighting scenes, I swear it! BRAHAHAHA *evil laugh* ;9

    Jess, honestly... neither I expected to finish it so soon XD

    dan, I dunno, ask again in a while... already started too many stuff.

    Sanders, I haven't even finished the worg for K'rikka ...and already requesting moar? XD

    Stoney, I'm glad that you liked it and, due to certain recent event, it's most likely that it will be continued.

    mike, noted :3

  17. agree with sander's about the third option with sarah XD

  18. @Vaesark
    Im sorry, I didn't meant to be rude or upset you ;-)
    I only state that IF youre planning to do another Sarah set then heed my suggestions or not.I'll understand if you dont find them hot...
    So I apologize if I upset you.

  19. Sanders, hey... no problem, I do plan to bring Sarah/Eve back, but I have over nine thousand plans on my head and can't do them all XD

  20. Your work is as awesome and flawless as usual Vaesark. I'm in awe =)

  21. there r +- 2 group of fans here those who like bestiality and those who like monster humanoid, i side with bestiality, still its an excellent work, keep it up

  22. Wow, this set is great! She is wonderful, and I would love to see more of her (especially with that filthy toilet).

    It would also be great to see how she became bonded to her master! Regardless, please bring her back again sometime.

    Thanks Vaesark!

  23. of all the things i expected to see, the least was a black dude.

  24. Wow That was a great set - thanks for sharing them!

  25. I like the Girl, could imagine to play with her with one of my creatures. And I can't help myself of saying that she looks a little to me like "Rhianna" but with white skin. LOL

  26. Esto es lo mas sexy que he visto en toda mi vida en la realidad o en la fantasia, el diseño de la chica es perfecto, simplemente perfecto, y es algo que me lleva a pensar; porque los diseñadores de videojuegos (de los cual soy fanatico) no le ponen mas empeño a sus creaciones, se que es un trabajo monumental crear esos juegos pero tambien estamos hablando de un equipo monumental de personas. He jugado FFXIII,Bayonetta,Xblades,BulletWich,Oneechambara, etc. pero aun asi no se acercan ni un poco a estas imagenes, quiero decir, los japoneses siempre plasman los rasgos asiatico en sus personajes, y los occidentales tienden a hacer muy toscos o masculinos a sus personajes (¿soy yo o la cabeza de bayonetta es muy pequeña para su cuerpo?) en fin, tengo dos dias de conocer tu trabajo y ya eres mi heroe personal, estare siguendo cada obra de arte que realizes gracias por compartirla con el mundo hermano.
    -Now i know that write in spanish its not common and maybe you dont understand but my english to bad to express my thoughts. thanks for that great work.