Monday, May 31, 2010

Siari's Tale

This is the first part, featuring Siari and the troll. The next one will be with the dragon. Once finished I plan to focus on the Draenei, I know that is has been delayed for too long so I'll try to do a worthy CG set. 

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  1. Awesome as usual ^^ great work

  2. Brilliant set, you are using some really great camera angles.

    I would like to point out how much I enjoy the slow process of Siari being undressed, with image 12 perhaps being my favourite image.

    I also thought image 3 is excellent, as well as the images of her first slowly backing onto his cock.

    I can't wait to see her with a Dragon, and the Draenei set has me very excited too!

    Thanks for posting for us.

  3. Great Work Vaesark! A big cock for a big monster! I have a suggestion... do you know Anti Demon Ninja vol.2? japan name is "taimanin asagi". However, there is the heroine who being fucked from monstruous cocks and she have sexy expression when she is fucked: tongue out from her mouth, eyes up, something like this. Well, it would be great if your heroines can have expressions like this!

  4. God damn that's hot. 16, 18, 21... ah hell, it's all damn hot. Her facial expressions are amazing.

    No wonder you'd have trouble doing a threesome, that cock is HUGE, and I LOVE the belly bulge.

    You still going to remake the unicorn threesome set? I can wait for some double penetration from that set =3

  5. Hot stuff V. It came out very nice indeed. Camera angles & facial expressions are a killer :).

    Siari is a keeper, thx a lot...


  6. Damn, she is smokin' hot. You did an awesome job in creating her, Vaesark. Definitely one of my favourite girls.

    I'd so want to see her with 2 or even 3 monsters at the same time :D. I'm really looking forward to the dragon.

    My favourite image is probably 16, although it's very hard to choose, there are so many great images.

  7. Downloading... done !!!

    Ok, I admit that she will never be my favorite gal, but nonetheless I enjoyed the set. The background gives it a somewhat romantic and peaceful touch, it's really relaxing to watch it.

    Cheers, Jess

  8. She is super cute! I am only an internet bisexual (coined term) but I would totally do stuff's with her... or watch things done to her. the troll also way sexy! His cock is huge!!! Fun to thinka bout playing with.... thoug it would never fit in me :/. Or her for that matter... God I love fantesy hehe : ) ^^

  9. Man...nice set!

    But...why you don't want to show us her sweet pussy in all her beauty? Only tits and cocks, It's not fair! xD

  10. What a beautiful love story, but not for long ,poor troll does not know that siari is cheating him with a dragon :-)
    It was a real pleasure to see this masterpiece, Thanks Vaesark!

  11. Muddy, yup, I usually try to avoid undressing them in one single frame, I prefer to take one or two items in each shot, sometimes leaving some till the end, like the stockings, collars and that stuff.

    Anon, I know it very well, I love all the stuff from pixy/black lilith. I think I could try it sometime (the face's expression)

    NovusAnimus, yes, the Eve's set is on the list, but the Draenei will come first.

    Jess, romantic, thats what I tried to do, if you look closely at pics 1 & 3, you'll see how much she wanted it :3

    Mykaela, every time I read posts like yours I feel renovated motivation to keep on rendering.
    I just love perverted girls, and even boys that role-play perverted females. For some of my sets I got the inspiration from roleplay and stuff. Sometimes a simple chat can make me go into a rendering spree.

    Damn, I need a new slave pet to play with :3

    Hitman_X3Z, Jess would probably agree with you but , as you can see in most of my sets... I'm not a fan of close shots XD

    Neba, well... maybe the troll and the dragon are good friends and they don't mind taking turns to fuck her :b

  12. Mmph. My first reaction: I came.

    Second reaction: God I can't wait for the dragon.

    Overview: I really love the dynamic posing and especially her expressions, they are fantastic. I like how he holds her especially in 22.. just luscious. The finale facial sold it... such a dirty girl. She is by far my favorite now. I can't wait.

  13. Also Vaesark. I keep telling you to download openrpg and mosey on over to the adult server I admin. We like this stuff there.

  14. Well if you find yourself ever needing motivation, I can totally be your slave-pet ^^ hehe. Or chat friend... *shrugs* Whatever is preffered. Whatever gets the creative juices flowing. lol *big cute smile*

  15. So nice, I can't say wich one is my favorite beside the facial, but it doesn't count, facials are always my winner in a set (I'm pathetic, yea :P ). Well, pic.07 maybe, but every piece of this set is so nicely made. Like others said, the expressions on her face.. wow. When I first saw the Siari's teaser up there I was thinkin' ; "oh, another little elf girl"
    But I was wrong, she's far more than "just another little elf girl", I was totally charmed by her set. Simple, nothin' extreme, sensually detailed. Even though I share the same taste as Hitman about peeking at her sweet spots while she's bein' taken, I have to say it's not really necessary either. The raw sensuality of Siari compensates for all we don't see, great work.
    I have to admit I wasn't expecting it so soon, and I'm amazed by the quality and details in the emotion of every single part of it.
    Now I have to wonder how you'll do better with the dragon... I know you will surprise me again with your talents, keep it up !

  16. Malcanthet, I will tease you with a pic of the dragon, soon ;)
    About openrpg, mnn not sure, there are several cons, language, time (just like always) and the software seems a little bit... old, also... there are (usually) too many dicks on the erp servers, if you know what I mean XD

    Mykaela, may be a harder task than you think, but if you think you are good enough... my email is on my profile.

    marko, glad that you liked it so much. I will post a teaser of the new set soon :3

  17. He is rather well endowed, even for a troll. ;)

    Lovely set. :)

  18. Very well done!
    I like the subtle images, like her standing on her tip toes while kissing him. The kisses are always excellent, and wish they're were more.
    Would love to see some cumshot scenes similar to the Lilith finale scene. The expression on here face was wonderfully drawn.
    I have noticed on other sets, that the shadows seem to mask alot of the details, especially if the female is dark toned, or the setting is indoors. Is this just a lighting issue?
    And any chance of including a closeup/headshot of the set model?
    The detail you put into their design would be an awesome intro into the set.
    Over all I'm a huge fan and have nothing but praise for your work.

  19. awsome, i just love it. I hate that have to download them my Ipod touch can't do that :( but i still love the 4 piece sets :)

  20. Very nice set so far, Vaesark. She had a tough time with the size of that thing, but she managed to find a place for it. I look forward to the dragon. I do so love to see an elf blowing a creature.

  21. I like the fact that this isn't rape. I hate rape (meaning, the girl is unwilling). I much prefer when she's having sex willingly.

    And Siari is definitely the most beautiful/cute chick so far. And her tit size is just right (not big, but not completely flat). It goes right with the feeling of "Innocence." (I sort of relate that with light skinned blonde elves)

    Having a nature background really makes this stand out. It's better than when everything else is dark (like in a dungeon or something). This is the case especially when light skinned elves are involved. Nature = Good.

    Now, as for improvement, she can use a bit more of "playing with tits." You know, like pinching her nipples or sucking it. I love tit plays. Or her tits can be fondled while copulating (ex: in pic22, instead of troll's thumb not doing anything, it can be fondling one of her nipples (or teasing it). That'll be hot.

    In short, never leave her nipples alone (they'll get lonely). Give them the attention they deserve.

  22. after i downloaded the file i cant open it... says i need a password.. anyone know what is goin on?

  23. Siari really sparks the imagination. She is true to form, sylvan nymph. Using sex to sedate what might otherwise rip her to shreds.

  24. file was deleted .. any chance to reup if this was possible