Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick update.

The writers request was really successful, a bit too much maybe XD, many ppl submitted their stories and I see a lot of potential for future works. the problem is that it will take me a while to read all of then and choose just a few... Anyway I'm sure that the results will totally worth it.

Also, I'm working on standard sets as well so, stay tunned, I'll post a teaser soon.
By the way, allowing anonymous commentaries again... just to try...


  1. Oh, man it'll be awesome to see results of your great skill and a nice storyline!

  2. It's good to see "open possibility of posting" again. As for future works... Did you think about reissue Darkest Desire through this time? Or is it possible that in the new works there'll be Valsharess? (known to others as Drow Matron)It would be freakin' fantastic to see her again.
    Cheers, salute!

  3. Сергей, of course!

    Ziggy, well I had to do it as a "final solution" to the trolls/spam, hopefully its over. As for DD, It's not a possibility, not now at least. About a new matron... well, due to my Drow fixation, sooner or later I'll do one again.

  4. Cool on the update. :)

    I'd still be wary about the potential trolling. Be ready to turn it off again I guess. :X

  5. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay awesome I can post gain, hopefully that l life bitch won't come again... I been looking at ur posts every day. And I loooooove the drow, me and my friend didn't like the purple/blue eyes cu it didn't fit them (Unless u used drizzt in a set) but i cannot wait. I love drow, no everything about them, i was gonna give u some ideas but my AOL is down, so i cannot. shame eh? well probably not cuz im sure their is 1,000,000 other ppol put their who would do better, i would just be a rode block :P. Vaesark 4 life ^^

  6. oh yeah, 4 got my nick


  7. Anonymous watches eagerly as pandoras box sloooowly creaks open

  8. Just wanted say that I love your work and I visit this site daily hoping for any updates :). Also the Tauren/Draenei teaser a while ago got me very exited so I hope you will complete it someday/soon.

    I sure hope you don't get any abuse from the anonymous. Just know that there are a lot of people who love what you are doing and don't let anyone tell you different.

  9. I like all your variety of characters. Especially your camera work for them. I agree on the Tauren that would be good. And that drow Inala would also be interesting.


    I love writing, I'm not the strongest, but I love it, I can't believe I missed this.
    I mean, just imagine, writing for Vaesark!
    Woe, woe that I missed it.

    My most enthusiastic congratulations to the person who gets the position!

  11. @Muddy
    You're a well known 'customer' here, and I am sure - if this is a success - that it won't be the last time...


  12. Just can't wait for more of Inala! I await with great anticipation. She deserves a lot of material.

    Thx for the quick update news and the promise of teasers!

  13. Sounds great! really looking forward to The Draenei rape set.