Sunday, November 8, 2009

Interspecies sex

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Download: RS


  1. Finally,I wait the CG Z.It was amazing that you finished the A-Z CG and thank you,Vaesark.請繼續加油!!

  2. Bravo, cada vez te superas a ti mismo.

    Me ha encantado. :P

  3. Very nice Vae loved the emotion and the angles of the sots very well done 10/10 is right.


  4. Epic set. Seriously, one of the best ones ever.

    I think 20 is my favourite image, I really like how she's reaching up from that perspective, its beautiful.

    Really enjoyed how this was carried through to the 'end' as it were (without giving away any spoilers).

    Proof positive that good things come to those who wait. Thanks!

  5. Hey Vaesark,

    This new set is quite stunning. The lighting of the setting was absolutely perfect, highly complementing the girl’s purple hair. I liked the light purple shading on the girl’s body throughout the set. It created a good reminder of the body suit she wore in the beginning. Speaking of the girl, she seemed slightly unique compared with the other girls that you’ve rendered. Her face was a little different, but at the same time similar to one of your earlier characters, the girl Pink. Her body was very well rendered; the poses she was in really helped accent the set. You’ve shown her feelings clearly through her body motions and facial expressions. Also, once again, those expressions were exceedingly refreshing.
    A word for her partner: the extraterrestrial came out looking great. You’ve got a high level of detail showing through his rendering. He seemed to match with the background quite well, to complement it so to speak. Also, for someone whose tongue was hanging out so prominently, he put it to good use. However, I was kind of surprised that he only used it for her mouth. The final ending was quite a shocker as well. I never expected it and I never saw it coming. Usually your sets end before or just bypass it altogether. But it fit and was done just as well as the other images in the set. All in all, I thought it was a great set and I’m looking forward to your next one.

    Best of luck,

  6. I believe this set is my favorite right now, what I enjoyed most of it (besides the sexins of course ;) ) was the expressions the girl shows at different points, unlike the drow sets where their expressions rarely changed this one showed more variety in that area.

    Great work.

  7. Another really impressive set. Love this one. You always deliver quality.

    Also, as a side note, you should totally check out Dragon Age (it's a new game). Not only is it really good, but it has some fantastic female character models and monster models that I bet you'd be interested in =)

  8. Your girl is perfect, as always. Nice twist with birthing, it's completely new and unexpected - but yummy!!!

    I've collected all your works... and that's why I want to ask one thing: your CG R set #26 seemed to suggest a coninuation - should we expect it or not?

    And, BTW, personally I'd like to plead about more threesomes and such... On the other hand, I trust your judgement and your artistic style - whatewer you'll come up with will be good!!!

  9. OH GOD, we've reaches set Z. What in motherless land of Helga's back hair are we going to do now?!?

    But seriously, awesome set, even if the birth thing was a little weird.

  10. I second Crazymaniscrazy. Dratgon age is a badass game, with some pretty hot characters. I recomend this game to everyone

  11. Wow!

    This set is phenomenal, a stunning girl, the alien is fantastic, the setting is perfect.

    The poses, especially the doggie ones, are brilliant, and the camera angles just top it off.

    I would kill to be able to get textures and lighting like yours in my renders!

    The birth, what a twist, you're pulling new moves all the time, great work!

    I'd love to see some more sets with multiple creatures with the girl at the same time.

  12. Indeed Kevin ^,^ . From now on they will be named as the tittle of the post, this one, for example would be "Interspecies sex"

    Horsemount, 20 is my favorite too :b

    SS, about that ending...what can I say... I did it just for the fun, like a experiment XD

    Crazymaniscrazy, chip witly, D.A. was one of the reasons why I couldn't finish this set sooner, I was too busy playing. I've already got some plans for Leliana

    bramhahahaha *evil laugh*

    elcor-prime, I'm afraid that that girl and many others were lost after a HD crash >_<
    About another threesome... certainly, it has been a while since the last one.

    Muddy, so you do 3d stuff too? I would love to see it :3

  13. Absolutely STUNNING CG set Vaesark- possibly your best one yet. The girl is beautiful, the alien very well rendered- and the ending left me speechless. I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of your sets coupling your females with the more well-endowed partners, and this one was excellent in that regard. The belly bulges are just so sexy. The bigger you make them, the happier your fans (and your models) will be. :)

  14. I'm nervous now.

    I don't mind showing some of my work to people, but showing them to Vaesark, THE Vaesark!

    I'm nervous indeed!

    Some of it can be found at the new section of Renderotica.

    Many times I've wanted to mention you and your work there, but I was never sure if you'd like that.

  15. loved it.
    the ending, while weird, was very nice.

  16. Still playing Dragon Age. So fucking good. I'm so glad to hear you play it; now you have good taste in porn and video games =)

    Dude, a set of Leliana with an ogre or dragon and/or Morrigan with the Mabari would be amazing sets.