Friday, October 16, 2009

Nina and the fat ugly old man

I know that this one took a lot longer to be released but I couldn't finish it sooner, I had ...still having problems with my PC (again T_T) random BSOD... apparently caused by the ram modules <_< I switched to the old 4gb and its working fine so far, but thins is only a temporal solution... sooner or later I'll have to fix this and switch again to the 8gb Corsair Dominator.

Also, sorry for not replying emails or posting any announcement, I didn't had much free time lately >_<

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  1. She looks amazing! Him i dunno... like the new style alot. It has a much softer, more realistic look. Great work Vaesark!!


  2. Hey Vaesark,

    I was looking forward to seeing which one of the sets you would put out first. I’m really sorry to hear about your computer problems, but despite them, Nina’s set came out fantastic. There’s an interesting contrast with how light she is, skin color-wise, compared to the reddish brown of her partner and the heavy greys and rust of the background. Nina stands out very well, prominently showing off her smooth figure. The marking around her navel is still the aspect I like most about her. It’s small, but noticeable and helps draw the eye down her body to reach it. Thanks again for the artwork and I can’t wait to see what your next set is.

    Best of luck,

  3. Ah an update, good to hear from you Vaesark. It's understandable that sometimes you're going to be too busy to work on things for your blog, just post an update once in a while to keep us informed when you can.

  4. Estaba deseando ver este set. Me ha encantado. :P

    Que te sea leve el curro.


  5. Awesome!! Thank you very much for the update!! :D Hot as always :P

  6. Hmmm,

    as I said in a comment concerning the preview before, I like the real world setting a lot. That has a lot of potential! But then again 'the fat ugly old man' is somwhat too real to me, if you know what I mean...

    Greetings, JC

  7. Great, man... I am craving for more...

  8. Éste es uno de tus mejores trabajos. Felicitaciones.

  9. You've made a new great set. ^^
    Thanks a lot.

  10. Fantastic work, you're going from strength to strength.
    I love the smooth, soft look of your latest sets, and some of the poses and camera angles of this set are sensational.
    The old man and setting are a great match for Nina, fine beauty in a den of ugliness.

  11. JAM! More cumshots! I am quite pleased that you have decided to continue developing a "happy ending" in your sets. Some of the most realistic 3d sum I have ever seen

  12. Thanks for the comments. I'm glad that you liked it ^^ the next set is the drow one, I'll post a teaser to make your wait easier... or harder lol

    Chris, thats my intention in most of the sets, mix up a beautiful young girl with a nasty, revolting and depraved creature. For me, it makes the girl look even hotter and the fact that they do it willingly... *¬*

    Chip witly, yup, I'm always trying to improve my renders and cumshots was something that a lot o ppl was missing in them. But its actually a combination of a 3d mesh and photoshop postwork :)

  13. Hey Vaesark, I'm glad to see you back in action. Now, as you've worked very long and hard on this, I want to leave a comment which shows my appreciation for all you've done.

    Let me begin by saying that this is your best work ever, bar none. And I'm not saying this to flatter you or simply make you feel better, but cause it's the truth!

    The lighting and texture work of this piece is sublime and shows how you've matured as an artist. It's gritty and bold, and the atmosphere matches the content. The texture of both the girl's skin as well as the fat man's is realistic and sophisticated. WELL FRICKEN DONE!

    As for the shapes of the body, the girl looks so sexy and hot and very fuckable (good for you), and the guy looks hideous and their coupling only makes the scene hot and disturbing (again, good for you).

    I particularly like the one where he's fucking here on the floor while holding her legs. Very hot. Oh, and great to see some cum.

    And let me commend you for your greatest feature as an artist: the pictures of the girl getting forcibly kissed by the man. Please keep doing this in ALL of your works because it is so hot and I know you love it as much as I do!

    Again, this set is so mature compared to your previous that it just astonishes me how much you've improved in so short a time.

    Glad to have you back: keep up the awesome and nasty work!