Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All hail the great Vaesark!

I have read most of the comments from the previous posts, I cant reply all of them 1 by 1 but there are some things that must be clear.

I was upset because I thought that the poll for the videogame babes was a good idea and it was fucked up by some very funny 12 years old obese virgin. Before that day all the polls were successful and a lot of great sets were made according to your favorite girls & beasts/monsters. Same goes for the comments, before that the blog was clean from spam & other shit. I know that a bunch of retards don't represent all of you but, try to see it from my point of view, doing something that takes a lot of time, effort, patience and cash, sharing it for free, taking requests and suggestion in consideration for new works... and only asking for a little bit of respect and support.

Good things can't last, but hey, for almost 1 year it worked very well, I made a lot of stuff (23 full sets + girl sets, wallpapers,... ) I know that a lot of you enjoyed it and so did I reading your posts, always trying to improve my skills so that my renders were better enough to please even those that don't usually like 3D stuff... and, why not... I also like making a little name of my own in the 3D rendering community.  

Someone has pointed that this is the price for being too... popular?   o_O  me?  popular? I'm just one of the thousands that share their creations, there are so many that are so superior on so many ways, a lot of true artists from who I like to learn all that I can... I watch their webs, their blogs and I envy how clean of spam and trolls they are.

Some have pointed that I'm overreacting, acting childish by letting them upset me, that I shouldn't have posted that last message, that I should keep posting my shit or deleting the blog without crying about it... bla bla bla... I got something to say to you:   G_   F_CK   Y__RS_LF, want to buy a vowel? :)    This is my blog and I'll do whatever I want to do. what can YOU do about it? nothing :) therefore those that think that way have 2 options. 1: Get the fuck out    or 2: Shut the fuck up and keep lurking.   Srsly if you got a problem with my attitude go tell your mom   :3

Haaaa   ^_^   feeling better after that last part.

SO... I won't delete the blog for the moment, I'll disable the anonymous posts as some have suggested and start deleting the shit. I wont be making anymore polls since it is so easy to cheat on them. It's up to you that this goes on. If not, well, we had our fun and it lasted for a good while.
One last thing, before the poll was fucked I was already creating the girl that looked like she were going to win: the night elf from wow. This is an unfinished version, it was a mere lighting and texture test render.

If you are wondering... no, I'm not planning to use her on any full set. Not her or any of the girls from the poll. So, what I'm going to do next? I don't know, I don't fell like doing anything at the moment.


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  2. Erm.. Post revision. Good to know you're not going to shut down the blog :]

  3. Welcome back Vaesark, although you will probably take some time to recover, know that your true fans are supporting you.

    By the way, nice night elf there :)

  4. I say take some time off and then decide what you want to make (if anything). I only ask that if you do decide to stop, at least leave the blog up as an archive for a little bit. Good to hear you are feeling a little better.

    BTW - That is one damn fine looking unfinished model.

  5. Welcome back!!I am glad about you're not going to shut down the blog.yuor big fans:)

  6. I'm glad your not deleting :) Wow, Nelf girl is beautiful! Sorry you won't be doing any images with the girls from the poll. I loved your Lara (Laura) set with the ape and the panther. But I'm a lot happier that you aren't going to remove your blog. I check here everyday to read comments and check out for upcomming sets. :)

    Sorry things got ugly onver that poll. Thanks for providing us with such beautiful art.

  7. It is always good to get behind the driving wheel of one's life. Good to see that you are alright. If I may make a suggestion: take up the tools of your craft. Play with them a little. You may find your wish to create returning. (And aren't I the selfish one...)

    I had nothing better to do, so I made myself a typepad account, when I saw that name/url had been disabled. Careful what one asks for...

    Bloody hell, the last thread felt like the bloody wars. Can't have been fun to read.

    Pity you won't be making any sets with the night elf. It would have been nice (or something else) to see her getting abused by horses. Which reminds me. You had a rather magnificent horse right before your hard disk crashed. Have you managed to replace it yet? That is, the horse, not the disk. I realise that such things are costly.

    Best of luck recovering...

  8. ROFL... Damn, way to mak a comeback.
    I can't wait to see what you do next.

  9. well... what to say... The idea with the video-game babes was brilliant. I am sure many of us would have liked to see some babes from there... But we can't force you so... hope to change ur mind sometime... :)

  10. All Hail The great Vaesark!

    Hands down!

  11. Hey, nice to see you Vaesark :)

    i would like to know the other blog /site you follow.

  12. Welcome back, i'm glad they didnt make you quit. =)

  13. Yeah, there IS a price to pay for being popular, sad but true. Yeah, you may be one of thousands who create something they like, but all it takes is that other likes their creations too, and they get famous. I don't know of those others you speak of, but i can safely assume that they're popular too, as long as people like their work.

    Keep up the good work. For every rude asshole to comment, you've got about 50 fans. It's an easier way to keep track of them all:)

  14. Hi.

    Good to have you back, and I said that I would register, should it be needed. Well, so here I am again, this is JC writing, and even though my HERMIONE (remember?!) isn't going to be your next piece of work I hope that you will give her some attention, too.

    Bye for now.


  15. Good to see you back, Vaesark. Take all the time you need, and we'll be here. The night elf looks hawt!

    finaly some good news (told ya id register just to comment here^^)

  17. "well... what to say... The idea with the video-game babes was brilliant. I am sure many of us would have liked to see some babes from there... But we can't force you so... hope to change ur mind sometime... :) "


    "i would like to know the other blog /site you follow. "

    ^This too

  18. I would also like to know the other blogs/sites you follow.

    By the way, glad your back.

  19. Welcome back, commander!
    It would be nice to see all girls from your poll. =)

    All the best,

  20. It appears it was Anonymous who did it.

    Don't mind them, they've been retarded lately. Instead of RAGE, which you portrayed, you must instead embrace their existence.

    All the want is a lolita having sex with a bear. Then they will leave you alone.

  21. First of I'd like to say I enjoy your work. You have a sort of style with your 3D work I find very appealing. In fact it's the only erotic 3D work I've ever bothered with. So understand what it means to me to say this:
    If you get this upset about what happened stop doing this.

    Now I might be just assuming but I feel that most of the people here don't really care about you as an artist. And with all these requests about "I would like to know the sites you follow" should show you that as well. We're just after something to sate our specific fetish, not really caring about who creates it. So of course when you threaten to stop giving us that you will be sucked up to in order to keep more coming.

    If that level of commitment is enough for you then fine. But if you're after more then I think you should just stop doing it, because I don't think that you'll be getting much more than that from us.

  22. Glad to see your not quitting, but damn you for teasing us with such a hot model XD I hope you'll still do something with her someday, hell i'm considering getting a commission once I have some spending money, thats how good your work is!

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  24. I haven't been by in a minute. I was very saddened to hear what happened with the survey, I'm really sorry it turned out that way. I thought it was an awesomely cool idea.
    I also believe you have a right to say whatever you feel like saying. You have an incredible blog that I visit from time to time with unadulterated excitement. Your art is quite beautifull and a pleasure to behold. I am also an artist. I tend to do alot of traditioal work with cell shading. Some of it anime,some videogames. I sometimes look to your artwork for inspiration. I don't really feel envious when I veiw your works but I use you as the bar I want to achieve.
    I've seen alot of different artists from manga comics, cgi, and paintings. And I've gotta tell you you are one of the bests in your field. Every artist has something unique and different from the rest. I Veiw alot of cg art by various artists but there are a few things that make you stand apart. One: your girls are very beatifull and memorable. Two: your pacing for story telling is also quite good. And thats a plus considering that there usually isn't any dialogue. Thats the hardest part as a story teller to convey a story with just images is a testament to your expertize in your craft. Three: your creature and monster designs are outstanding. When I first saw one of your dragons it sent chills up my spine. Four: your animals are also incredible. Love your horses!!! Five: the elves 'nuff said!
    Awhile back I swung on by your blog and found myself feeling like a kid on christmas day. I was absolutely in awe of your Cassandra from Soul Calibur. She was rendered so beatifully that words escape me.

    A fan always,
    Mars J

  25. Welcome back. :)

    Yeah, the polls were a great idea, it's a pity we won't have them anymore for some random idiots.

  26. "Yeah, the polls were a great idea, it's a pity we won't have them anymore for some random idiots."

    I'm sad as well :-(

  27. I must have missed the poll entirely, but I like night elves, so I can't complain.

    As some constructive critique, I'd suggest making the ears longer and curve back more. Night Elf ears really are quite obscenely large.

    As before in my last comment, I'll support you whatever you decide to do. I think I must be your longest-running fan. :P

  28. Phew. Good to know you're not bailing. I really enjoy your stuff. I had something like this happen to me a number of years ago. It sucks to have some ass come and ruin a good thing.

    Don't let it get you down or defeat you though. Pick yourself on and move past it. Seriously. There are far more people who like and enjoy your work than idiots who want to make your life difficult.
    Just a quick look at the responses so far says that.

    Of course, Andersgustav has a point. Most of us are here for gratification of one sort or another. Heck, I'd be in that group.

    The main thing is, though, that you need to get enjoyment out of it. If you do enjoy doing this stuff, don't let some idiot stop you. But if this whole thing is just burning you out, then take a break or find something else.

    I just hate seeing a guy getting discouraged because of a couple of anonymous idiots who get their jollies out of hurting other people.

  29. Vaesark i have always loved your work. I have been following since the start. It would be a shame to see you go but if you feel the need then thats your choice. It was a pleasure to have seen your stuff while it was given freely. But you cant let a bunch of morons ruin what you work hard to put together. The polls were a great idea but got ruined by some retards. Vaesark hope you keep moving forward and improving your skills.


  30. It's a shame you aren't going to do anything with the night elf. She's absolutely gorgeous.

    Still, glad you aren't quitting. Your work is absolutely amazing and hot as fuck.

  31. Glad that you're back at it, Vaesark. You're a talented individual.

    The new girl is my favorite yet: and she's not even finished! Kick ass, my friend!

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  33. (reposted because of a serious typo)

    Hey, I just had a thought. Maybe we could even do a test run on it. Does the blogger built-in poll system restrict anonymous voting if the user has anonymous commenting off?

    Alternately, wouldn't it be possible to still do polls the old fashioned way via comments? One could list the options and instruct responders to choose a number of names and make them the only content of the comment reply. Replies that didn't follow the rules could be discarded (to keep order). A count could be done on a piece of paper with a pencil. And since you have to be registered to comment now, it should filter out most of the jackasses who use anonymity to be idiots.

    I do wonder about the blogger poll though. Anyone know the answer to that one?

    Trying to be helpful here. Anyone have any input?

  34. I hope you'll continue to make more stories with your artwork. It just seems to make it more lively when you add dialogue. Darkest Desire was a good read.

  35. "Does the blogger built-in poll system restrict anonymous voting if the user has anonymous commenting off?"

    Unfortunately, it doesn't.

  36. Kastier, he could just put polls like that anyway, turn off the anonymous and set each person to only be able to vote for one thing and it would be fine.

  37. Hello again.

    About the night elf, as I said, I'm not going to do any set with her... for the moment, in the future... maybe.

    I'll look for some other way to make the poll for members only but, as imbaumba said, blogger doesn't have any.

    Glad to see how many ppl registered to keep posting ^^

    I'm already working on some new stuff so, I think that there will be updates soon.

  38. This is my first comment ever and i want to say, that i love your work. i hope that you will go on !

  39. first time posting on any blog.
    just wanted to say that i like your work and I'm glad that you are not stopping your post.

  40. Oh good, updates! :D. Hopefully things will be returning to normal here then.

  41. Aw...I wanted KOS-MOS to win T_T

    Oh well...

  42. Great to hear from you Vaesark, and with good news! Im super stoked to see what you come up with. (i hope eve has a role with the black gaurdian =)?!?!) cant wait to see what you come up with. Are you going to do any animations?


  43. Making people register is a good way to sort the wheat from the chaff!
    Can't wait to see what's next, shame it won't be the Night Elf, a girl so stunning should never have been tainted by all this.

    Always stay true to yourself!

    P.s. The girls in your renders have such great faces, you really do a great job of capturing emotion in their facial expressions!

    P.p.s. But let's face facts, the renders are awesome all round!

  44. Vaesark,

    registered members will be able to cheat on the current Blogger's poll gadget as well. Actually, any poll without real server-side programming can be cheated - it's just a matter of cheater's free time and qualification.

    Currently I'm investigating on Gadget APIs to see whether there's any support for server-side programming (so we can create our own poll system and drop the Blogger's one), but there's no good news so far - I'm new to that API and I'm going very slow. If anyone with expertise in Gadget API wants to help, they're more than welcome. :)

  45. Or maybe if you contact authors of Blogger's poll gadget and describe what happened, they will fix it? I'm sure they perfectly know how to cheat on their own poll, but if they don't, I could give them details.

  46. OK, good news come from where I didn't expect. :) I found there's Google App Engine (http://code.google.com/appengine/) which looks like a perfect fit for our poll needs - it's a server-side application with access to Google Accounts authorization machinery. Gonna code for a while and let you know when it's finished. :)

  47. imbaumba, thanks a lot for the effort but, to be honest, I've already found a way to make the polls and collect feedback in a different way, not sure if it will work as planned but I think I'll give it a try.

    About the updates, I'll show you a new "old" girl very soon ^^

  48. Well, it's great to know you're not rejecting the polls idea. :)

    I think I'll finish what I started for the case your way won't work. ;)

  49. Good luck man! We'll be waiting xDDD

  50. So, now i can post again after the anonymous is deactivatet. :-) So can say welcome back and i cant wait for more stuff from you. I love you drow :-)

    PS: Sorry, my english is really bad

  51. Hah, you think! There is something we could do: tie you to your chair and trade food for new pictures :)

    Seriously, 'hope you keep going. You art has something that makes other 3D renderings just look hollow. I don't know if it's a talent for sexy poses, attention to detail, your taste in girls or what else, but each new post impresses me anew.

    And that you're doing it for free is quite extraordinary.

    Don't let some retards drag you down!