Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drow solo set

Among all the Drow girls that I have created, I think that she is my favourite...

10 images 1200x1200px 6,6 MB
Download: RS


  1. Downloading now... complete!

    Usually I'm not that wild about the dark skinned gals of that type - I somehow prefer the complexion of Xiana and Violet, when it comes to it - but she looks good enough to me. A mere 10 pics is however, well, just not enough...

    So, keep up the GOOD work.

    All the best and take care, JC

  2. another slimer :(

  3. It's very nice,I am looking forward to the teaser.:)

  4. Very nice. I can't wait for more ;-)

  5. I like her :)

    In X04 there's something more pixie and less elf about her, can't quite put my finger on it...

    I love her hair and makeup though!

  6. Good and very nice work. ;)
    I like realistic lights in your arts.
    And eyes... Eyes are just beautiful. ^^

  7. Hmmm. More drow for the win!
    But I'm curious Vaesark.
    You say that this one is probably your favorite so far. Why exactly?

    Just out of a completely curious and technical sense, what about this character do you like better than the previous ones?
    Because she really is notably different from your previous models.

  8. Slim, Ok but anorexia... :s

  9. She's looking a little skinny. TOO skinny.

  10. Hey V dont listen to these foo's she aint to skinning id say just right....

  11. Very nice as always. Not to skinny at all, keep it up.

  12. MOA, yeah she's one of my favourites, I'm not sure if I can explain why... maybe it's that proud top model look, her eyes and lips, her slim body so soft and tender. *¬*

    Slurp, ...anorexia? I think that you are exagerating XD She's just a little bit skinny...

    Anyway, I was very bussy with my job these days but I think that you can expect new updates soon ^^
    ...Lafianna and the stallion, new DD chapter and some other CG sets :b

  13. lemme guess there will be some really mean teazers just to see at what point im gonna bite my keybord

  14. Vaes:
    See that's what I would have guessed.
    I wasn't as thrilled with her figure as with your previous models, but her face did stick out with an extra bit of charm that the previous one were missing.

    Thank ya

  15. If she is your favourite, can you give us a name?

  16. Church, ehm... I don't have a name for her yet, but if i ever do a CG set about this drow I will think one... or, do you have any suggestions?