Thursday, January 8, 2009

Padme and the Rancors

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Download: RS


  1. Love the clothes and the finish is better than the other. By the way, It would be nice to have cocks that splatter cum ;-) and I guess the ass-shadow of picture 17 isn't correct... But man by all the criticism of mine - you do a beautiful job ^^ Go on ;-)

  2. hmmm well somehow im not to impressed about this set
    maybe just cause i dont like that girl (exspecialy her hairstyle is kinda......)
    all in all a nice set but the girl.......

  3. i think the set looks great, there're more close up shots, and the girl is done pretty well. though i've love to see more girls with longer hair instead of the short hair in the all the other CG's. and for the "splatter cum", i'm guessing vaesark doesn't like putting too much to avoid [soiling] his work

  4. Well, her hair from the films is actually long, but gathered in a bun. If you look, this is the same case here. Tits a bit big for Padme tho, but I say well done.

  5. very nice, but why are the penises so small for the rancors, makes it less convincing :P. We want to see her stretched :D

  6. I'm thinking the set is fine except for the phalus part. And I (and I'm sure I mean WE) only mention it because I think it really did work against the imagery here.

    I just realized it, but do we here need to set you up with the funds for more of this body part?
    Cuz if you do, we gladly will.

  7. Well, her hair is similar from the one she has on the movie. Also, I like shorthaired girls so... ^,^U

    The size of the penis... yes, they're too small, but has to be that way so she can fit it with her mouth.

    And... funds? o_o$

  8. Funds as in money.

    I realised I've only seen you use a couple of different phalus models so I was wondering if you needed more, and used this one due to lack of options.

    I mean, if not, then never mind.

  9. couple of different phalus models?

    ^.^U it's the same on all the sets, morphed and with diferent texture, but the same after all XD

  10. Really? That horse one was the same model?
    But surely you're not going to tell me that that tenteacle monster was the same one? Cuz he counts too.

    But that's also kind of my point. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

  11. Well I must say I've never seen Padme look better :) Good job and I can't wait for the next one with the elf girl!

  12. I think this set is terrific. As far as penis size, I like that it's a little different, slender, but long. I agree with you, it has to be sized so it's somewhat believable that she could suck it and take it in her ass.

  13. Now am I just stupid...don't answer that! :-) ...but the RS download needs a password to extract. Is that posted here somewhere?


  14. Hi, great work !
    Is there a password available for the rapidshare file or do i have to pay?

  15. I don't know if you'll notice that comment since this post is a bit old but well...
    I like this set in your "old ones" since I'm a big starwars fan.. mh.. Otaku would be the right word in my case.
    It's true your rendering has much improved but I had no complains on this set, looks nice to me. The only little thing would be that I would've prefered Padme a bit younger, like in episode one.
    Anyway I want to throw in an idea I had yesterday, and if you ever have the intention of doin' something like this, it may give you inspiration.
    Remember that romantic scene in episode two where anakin and padme are playing and talkin' in the grassy fields of naboo, anakin plays rodeo on some ugly fat creature.
    I had a flash, what if Padme used to play in that grassy field when at teen age, and when I mean play, you know what I mean ! Now what if thoses fat ugly creatures got excited by all this and decided to let go their basic instinct over little padme ?
    Well, that's it, don't take this as any kind of request, just sharing my daydreaming to someone who has some awesome talent with putting fantasies to images.

  16. so hot more !!!