Sunday, December 14, 2008

space worm

In a far galaxy a space worm shows his love for human females in latex suits...

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  1. Veeeery nice. Turned out way better than I expected.

    Though I do believe you have missed out on an opportunity here! With an anatomy like that, I would have expected the alien creature to grapple the female's head and press it tightly to its own "face" whilst forcing his long appendage down her throat...
    Also, some sort of goo (either as a layer on the creature's skin or just oozing out his "mouth") would have been nice for defiling the girl's body.

    Or am I being too kinky? ;P

  2. i agree abit more work on the head(can you call it head on a worm) well and i think the what i think is a double penetration at the end is abit short

    but after all its still a great piece of art ^^

  3. Sci-fi rules and so do tentacles.
    But I agree that this can be a lead into other projects.

    Not my favorite monster model, but that's me. Half way through I was begging for some kind of ooze or slime here.

    It does feel like a premiere series, which just fine and dandy. Especially if it leads into future projects. The more tentacles the better. Dark creepy space ships I like too.

  4. That is one horny space-slug! ;D

    Surprisingly lacking any kind of slime, mucus or other handy tentacle-esque lubrication, which was surprising to say the least.

    That said, I'm generally not a big fan of sci-fi stuff along these lines, and it was pretty good!

  5. I'm actually somewhat... Disappointed by this one.

    I was hoping for more of the "Close-up on penetration" pics, but there were only a few and even those were pretty zoomed out. Please, look at the penetration image you had in the first CG set. It was magnificent to see that, and then go around to the exact instant where you can see her face.

    Also, I'm not sure, but it looks like on this one you had some anal... I don't like anal that much, personally. It takes away the intimacy and passion of sex.

    Can you have some kind of dog-like beast, and Eve from the first one, with another penetration close-up or fifty? :P I'd be very much appreciative!

    Oh, and don't get me wrong. I just think this wasn't as good as the others, but it's still way better than 99% of the other crap in CG out there!

    Yours truly,

  6. I actually like the way you choose your angles, since i'm not exactly a fan of fully zoomed in hardcore penetration.
    I also like the way your girls enjoy every minute of it - that's a major turn on for me! 80% of any other girl on monster action consists of rape, which has its points, but gets repetitive pretty quick.
    Oh well, i'm happy as it is. Thanks! :D

  7. aham , I'll have that in mind if I use this creature again. I still have to learn a lot about liquid effects to add slime and/or cum :p

    About the Close-ups...I'll try to work on this, but don't spect to see a very close up like in a porno movie. I'll try to zoom in, but not just showing the penetration...

    thx 4 the comments ^^

  8. Thanks for reading, Vaesark.
    It's not that I want a whole bunch of close-ups and only want to see the penetration, I just kind of 'need' one or two penetration shots at the beginning, and then to see the rest of the CG.
    Kind of proof that it's going in, which makes it all the more worthwhile for me.

    Makes it more... Believable. Just one or maybe two will do. They really help support the whole CG for me.

    I look forward to more of your work. :)


  9. As for myself, *I* enjoyed seeing some anal for a change - as vague as it may have been. :P

  10. Thank you!
    I'm DLing.

    I want to know her name!

  11. I like that you have the girl enjoying it. I find that much more interesting.

  12. Is there a video file about this? Please respond. The rapidshare link is broken btw.

  13. Not a video, just images. I'll reupload all the old sets that have broken links when I find a reliable host >_>