Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The lustful Drow

In this one I added some text to make it ..hum.. more interesting.

Special thanks to horsemount for checking out my grammar ;p

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  1. Hmm, delicious Drow is delicious!

    Gorgeous work! Thank you, Vaesark. I didn't expect anything less from you. ;)

  2. ok i just have to say you are my new personal hero^^
    well thats why its really hard to say this but i think the text is somehow out of place and abit disturbing (just my opinion guys so dont flame me too hard)

  3. mmmmm, she so horny and her body is just perfect`°`_´°´ I definitly couldn't resist her. Go on man, your work is unique ;-)

  4. I love it. I love it. I love it. The Drow is so hot. more like this please.

  5. Those trolls are hot. I always liked these guys great renders! Any chance of doing Predator from those ol sci-fi's?

  6. btw Vaesark the impregnation was the best ive ever seen cant wait to see your (if you do1) christmas special^^

  7. Awesome - now I know what kind of character I'll be going to play next on my NWN2 server.

    You don't happen to do commissions, do you? :P

  8. I personally love drow and dark elves to begin with. But I really like the design of this character, I think she's got a kind of classiness I appreciate (in her design).
    And I like the monster luv scenarios you use too. ^^
    I would very much like the opportunity to produce some artwork of this character myself too (with time and permission).

    Though I do ahve to agree, the text and bubbles do seem out of place.

  9. Detailed and clean, gorgeous and well positioned, the product of time and meticulous dedication.
    Keep it coming!

  10. mnn lests see...

    About the text XD I guess that i'm not good at it... and my limited knowledge of ENGRISH doesn't help lol
    but can you give me more details like what should she say or if the text is just unnecessary. Maybe I could contact a writer or something...
    And don't worry, constructive criticism is always welcome ^^

    About the predator... I'm working on a sci-fi set, but not with a predator, it will be a diferent kind of alien...

    About the christmas special...there will be one of course!

    About commissions... ehm, not right now, but in the not so distant future i will do ^^ (I'll let you know when i'm available for commissions)

    About this character, I would love to see your artwork Master Oki ^^ and about the bubbles, hmnn maybe it could look cooler with a subtittle box like in japanese RPGs...

    And about the "about" i'm about to say that i use "about" to much...

    Thanks everyone for your posts, they really cheer me up ^_^

  11. My guess is, that the added text takes away some of the imagination your viewers build up while watching your artworks.

    Some might like the slutty drow bitch, others the damsel in distress. Without the text, the viewer is free to believe what your actors would say and how they react (at least to a certain degree).

    Oh and btw, do you play Oblivion? I love the Argonian and Khajiit races. Might it be possible to see one of those (male or female) in one of your future works? :D

  12. yeah i guess 1. your "silent" works just leave more for ppls imagination but with text you would only please about half of your fans
    and 2. the bubbles let your totaly first class artwork look like a cheap story in a teeny magazine -.-
    (its still awesome but......)

  13. It's been said before but I agree, the text just takes away from the imagination of the viewer. Still a wonderful piece though.

  14. Ok, with the text, and this is just my opinions. I'm going to break my thoughts down into small chunks here, so they're easier to go through. Again, this is JUST my opinions, and some of this may or may not actually help you. BUt I feel, the more information the better.

    The size, shape, and placement of the bubbles is just fine.

    The text size, it's ok, but I myself would have probably made them a bit bigger, which would mean making the bubbles bigger then. This is a concern with composition. I feel the small text is almost being lost in the image.

    The placement of text inside the bubbles though. That I think is a big one. Now, I'm coming from a comicer angle. If it's going to be in one bubble, it's one paragraph. If it's a seperate statement or sound effect, like you have here, it works better in its own bubble.

    And especially when you have sound effects like her moans, these need to be emphasized by things like CAPITALIZATION, exclamation marks!, font or size changes if need be, and other effects.

    The font, is fine. Though the details are being lost due to the size. When you have text as part of an image like this, it's needs to feel just as important as everything else in the image.

    Now,as far as the script and dialogue, this has to do with logic vs. storytelling. Everything she says and thinks is logically correct. But it doesn't make for such good story telling.
    Think context for example. This is the script for a porn star, not so much for a drow slut. Same FEEL and ideas, but not the same presentation.

    Final statement, and again, just my opinion, sorry if I've rambled on here. I feel that as is, the images would be better WITHOUT the text. BUT, I think adding text is a fine idea in and of itself, with some adjusting. In THIS case what I myself would do, is increase the size, spread the dialogue out between the images more, and instead of english, I'd have her speaking in Drow (there are some dictionary programs out there to the point we can at least fake it).

    SO I say keep trying.
    Text can add or take away from the imagination depending on how you do it, but at least for me, this was more a matter of visual composition and context. But I do NOT encourage you to do the subtitle box, because for me at least, that just feels cheap and more visually invasive than the text bubbles. But that's me.

    Kind of going along with what .hk32i was saying, is that your character expresssions and positions are doing a fine job of getting the message across that the text is trying to deliver, and THAT is a huge part of visual story telling.

    And as far as fan art goes, I already stated some preliminary sketches, I'll need to send them to you somehow.

  15. qualla ush'akal xal usstan inbal fol mzild

  16. aham, i see. Thanks for the tips.

    hmmnnn I guess i'll skip the text for now :b

    xuat eszak, gaer orn tlu mzild...

    natha yentil mzild... ;D

  17. Bel'la dos, Jabbuk!

  18. most of the dark elves I've encountered thus far are brown-skinned ones like Pirotess from Lodoss fame. I see this as a BLACK ELF instead! It's the first time for me but even so, her design is quite delicious!
    I'm ok with bubble texts, but with all due respect, it would've been better if they were like outside of the pictures. in that way, there won't be any trouble in placing the text as it won't cover any area in the artwork, making the pictures more pleasing to the eyes. just a suggestion though

  19. Hey another brilliant set! Do you have a version of this without text text? If not no prob, But might be an idea in the future if you wanna put text in, like have 2 versions, 1 with, 1 without. Everyones happy :D

  20. speaking of drow... do u play D&d? most likely/ if yes forgotten realms ftw