Monday, December 8, 2008

The black guardian

The best way to defeat a dragon is not always a powerful magic sword...

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  1. Dude i know you allready are my Hero from the last set but man this is just too awesome ^^
    those multi pictures really add to the athmosphere

    btw if you want to ad some text maybe you should try to put a Prolog and a ......(forgot whats the1 after the story is) before and after the set just as little suggestion

  2. An exceptional piece! I really like your character design - and this kind of plot is quite alluring, too.

    Personally, I could do without the multi-pictures, as I like the larger images for their detail, but that's really a question of preferences.

    Usstan b'luthyrr p'los dosst equidain.

  3. Oh Wow! This is the best of all so far I think. Applause and accolades due. I love the way she is willing all the way... wanting him... leading him on. I love the big size difference too. Amazing! It wouldn't worry me if you did nothing but dragons with girls from now on.

  4. sort of breaks the fantasy a bit when the dragon has a human penis...alsoits non-proportional to the rest of its body, surely it would be 'bigger'?

  5. Best word I have for this: EPIC!
    These results really are spectacular. I mean I was sold at that black skull alone.
    But this is a set I definitly won't be able to leave alone. Once I finally figure out your drowess costume, I'm coming after this one!

    (by the way, I'm being interviewed for a job drawing for Drowtales no sooner did I start drawing your drow character XD )

    But I think the best part (in a long list) is that lighting you were talking about, that really sells it I think.

    Now this thing you're doing with the multiple shots in one image. I assume trying to increase drama or show action, nice idea, I encourage you to explore that one further.

    I am a little put off by the dragon phalus shape too, but hey, it's a dragon, what difference does it make! :3

  6. Dear sir:

    You are a god and a gentleman for making this (my biggest kink, too!). Thank you very much.

    (Would like to see a larger phallus on the dragon as well, but the set is great as-is!)

  7. Fantastic!

    You get better witch each set, heheh. I loves dragons anyway, but the emotion in this set is reallt what sets it apart, along with the split-screen action scenes - where she turns to attack the beast, then looks shocked when she realises she has no hope if she wants to attack him, or later on with the penetration and slight bulge - classic!

    If you continue to be this prolific, I cannot wait to see your work a year down the line! :D

  8. Oh, personally I think the dragon's penis is just fine. Large enough to seem plausible, and small enough not to tear her apart. Many good images get (in my opinion) ruined by simply being too "unrealistic" (as strange as that may sound, considering it's about a dragon *grins*). Here, you've done it perfectly right. :)

    The best thing to me (aside from the character design, which I mentioned earlier) is that the girl apparently dislikes the idea of the dragon fucking her - but that she sees it as her only chance of survival, so she must tease him to go on and abuse her...

  9. Can you PLEASE add some "penetration" images, where you actually see it going in her?

    Like the first one, where you have a view from behind where the monster is piercing her.

    Seriously, I would love it so much more then...

  10. You have a lot of troll CG's why not do more dragon?? would really like to see alot more dragon.

  11. Good set, I liked the use of multiple pictures within a single picture to show a progression. This is what I think is missing most in all the sets that came after. Things jump too much. Those multipictures give a nice progression.

    As mentioned by others, the dragons penis seemed proportionlly small compared to your other works and to the animal itself. That said, I imagine it's already much larger than she really can handle...

    Perhaps in the future, keep the penis the same size, but change it's design to appear more like a dragons penis, whatever that is. Just to distinguish it more.

  12. I think i am in love with this girl. More please!

    Your work is incredible.

  13. Very nice!

    I really have some kind of fetish for girls with dragons. This is extremely hot! And lots of different positions, too :)

    You're very good with facial expressions. I like the proportions are just fine, too - maybe some penetration shots would be the icing on the cake ^^

    Hope you'll do another one involving a dragon some day. Will be monitoring your blog!